Monday, June 23, 2008

"This Was Some Meet-Cute"

One of my favorite movies is "The Holiday." If you like romantic comedies, you must see it. There are some great lines...and the one about the "meet-cute" is just the beginning.

For those who aren't movie buffs (nerds?) or who don't have every line of the movie memorized (overachiever!), allow me to explain a meet-cute:

It's when two characters meet in a movie.
Eli Wallach's character in "The Holiday" explained it this way: Say a man and woman go to the same pajama store at the same time. The man says to the clerk "I just need some bottoms" and the woman says "I just need a top"...and they look at each other...and there's the meet-cute!
He and Kate Winslet's character had a "meet-cute" in the movie when, because of Alzheimer's, he can't remember where his house is as he's returning home from a walk, and she stops in her car and gives him a ride home. The cuteness!!

Our sweet friend Leigh Ann asked myself, Meagan and Megan to each write about the first time we each met the other. I can tell you that they were two of the best meet-cutes of my life.

I honestly don't remember exactly when we met. We were about 3 or 4, and we went to the same church. I'm thinking our meet-cute happened when I asked her to pass me the pink crayon in Sunday School, or when I stood next to her in the children's choir. What I do remember is that there are few memories without her in them. From church to middle school to high school to college, and all the moments in between, she has been my best friend. It's actually a little freaky because I can look at her? And she knows EXACTLY what I'm thinking because it's basically the same thing she is. We have been so many places together, both literally and figuratively. I know I can call her at any moment and no matter what craziness is going on, she will totally get it. If you met Meagan, you would find out that she is hilarious, easy-going, fun and extremely loyal. She also makes guacamole that makes you want to slap your mama.

I remember the night I met her, just over a year ago. We were at Meagan's for a party. She told me so much about Web's wife before I got there, and how sweet and thoughtful she was. I remember her saying "She's the kind of girl who makes football-shaped cookies from scratch and takes time to ice it with the laces up and everything!" What a great, great description. I remember walking into Meag's kitchen with my hands full of food, and Moo being the first person to offer to help me. She was VERY pregnant at the time, and I remember thinking "Gosh, I hope I'm this nice when I'm 9 months prego." After I talked to her, I remember feeling like I had known her for my whole life. She is truly a kindred spirit. If you met Moo, you would find out that she is the most sincere, thoughtful and genuine girl you'll ever know. And she makes a mean chocolate chip pound cake.

So, that's how I met my two galz. I know that we'll be 84 someday, still e-mailing all the day long, making plans and feeling a little deprived when a week goes by and we don't see each other.

Here's to a ton more of "meet-cutes" throughout our friendship!



Valerie said...

Precious, precious stories. You and Meagan first encountered each other in the nursery at Ooltewah Baptist Church. You were both three. I remember the day we entered the nursery and your mom and dad were there for their first visit to the church. You two have been friends ever since.

p.s. Please don't slap your mama, even though her guacamole is truly that good.

Laura said...

What wonderful memories! What a lasting friendship!!

Meag said...

Pew! You make me tear up! Thank you for the walk down memory lane... it's nice to look back over the years of our frienship - I truly believe it is something phenomenal. I love the look on people's faces when they ask, "How long have you two been friends" and I say, "Since we were three." Priceless! And Moo.... the perfecrt addition! Truly a kindred spirit!

Betsy said...

You are so blessed to have two such wonderful friends!! The three of you are so cute together. What a great blessing in your life!!

Rosie said...

I am just now catching up on your latest posts. You are so so funny =). You really are so very blessed to have some girls to hang out with every now and then. You need to tell Meagan to add me to the list of poeple that can see her blog...if she doesn't that I think about it, maybe she blocked me on purpose! Oh my, now I've got a comples!!!

Anyway, what are you doing Thursday??? Wanna come over for a playdate?

Megan L Hutchings said...

It is 7:54 am and the first thing I did this morning was check your post!

I am touched, smiling, and holding those words so precious to my heart! Words will NEVER explain how much it means to me that you & Meag have embraced me with open arms!


Leigh Ann said...

I am SO glad you did this. I love reading those stories. I had no idea you and Meag had known each other that long! And, I agree, I haven't met Meg in person yet, but all those things you said about her I already get! You three are so precious. I can't wait for our "meet-cute" moment! :)