Sunday, December 27, 2009

This Could Quite Possibly be the Longest Post in the History of the Modern World

Y'all, between Disney World and Christmas, guess how many photos I took?


You'll never guess.



Y'all are lucky I'm not making you look at all of them, so keep that in mind as you're reading this.

First of all, let me say --- we had a blast.

It was crowded. It was the most crowded I'd ever seen.

When we entered the Magic Kingdom, my dad said, "I thought there was a recession."

You'd never know it by all of the people!

But, again, we had fun and lots of memories were made, so let's get started, shall we?

"Let's get on the plane!"

Dawson and Zoey did great on the flight, and after arriving and having dinner, we headed to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

The castle changed colors throughout the party and parade...this shot might give you an idea of just how crowded it was.

"Let's get it started!"

"Where my homies at?!"

Zoey and I waiting for the parade to begin...

"I have a weapon and I've been trapped in a stoller for 2 hours...!!!"

Jason inhaling enjoying his funnel cake...I told him all he needed was some gold chains and machine gun and he'd look just like Scarface.

Ah, here we go -- proof we sat down and ate breakfast. We did this every morning. Shocking, I know! At one point, the lid to my mother's cup that she's holding was accidentally thrown away by Brandon someone, and it was a minor crisis. However, after Brandon committed burglary found another lid, all was well.

Now, to the rides...Dawson's favorite-beyond-favorite was the train, or the "choo-choo" as he would call it. He saluted the conductor every time, and also saluted every time you even talked about the train. Such a funny boy!

Waiting in line with Gran for the choo-choo...

Jason, Krystal and Zoey in the Magic Kingdom...

Us in the MK...

Dawson also loved the carousel...

...and called the horses "moos." I think he thought they were cows and made the same sound!

My Brandon and me outside my favorite ride, "It's a Small World"....

...and Dawson with Gran waiting to go into the 3-D Philharmagic Show. He LOVED it!

I'm not sure he would say the same about Peter Pan.

What he did love was meeting the characters...this child is going to be a politician or a movie star. He posed and smiled with every one of them, all on his own.

We all posed with them outside the Whispering Canyon restaurant inside the Wilderness Lodge. I would love to stay there the next time we go.

Giving Minnie a kiss on the nose....

My trip to Disney also gave me the chance to meet my bloggy friend, Lauren. She lives just outside Orlando and was sweet enough to meet us at Downtown Disney. We've gotten to know each other over the past year, and it was so wonderful to finally meet her in person.

Lauren brought a gift for Dawson that he loved...Handy Manny and his tools and a Mickey movie! Thank you, Lauren, for your thoughtfulness!

That day,we also took Dawson to the Playhouse Disney lunch where he met characters from his favorite shows like JoJo and Little Einsteins.

He also learned to cut meat like a grown man...I'm thinking it's the educational television.

He positively fell in love with June from Little Einsteins...

...and the feeling was mutual.
June took Dawson around the restaurant with her and he waved at everyone...I actually had to go pluck him from her. I almost asked if we would receive compensation for the use of our child. :)

No Disney trip would be complete without your own set of Mickey ears...

Dawson also loved going to the Animal Kingdom and brushing the sheep...

...and loved the playground at our resort.

These two were inseperable and loved being together...Dawson calls Zoey "baby."

Me and my baby...I can't wait to take him again.

We returned to cold Tennessee long enough to do laundry at home and repack and then head to Chattanooga to spend Christmas Eve and Day with my family. We enjoyed the Christmas Eve Party at Jeff and Leatha's where Dawson had a great time with all of his cousins...

...and also playing with his new toys...

Back at my parents, we took one last photo with our little elf before bed...

...and Papa read him "The Night Before Christmas."

Christmas morning found Dawson EXCITED with his new Handy Manny car...

...and used his new Handy Manny flashlight to find the remaining brown hairs on my dad's head.
(Sorry, Jer, but it was just too easy.)

The highlight of the holiday was watching my 82-year-old-grandfather play the Wii. So awesome!!

And so, after being clotheslined by a 9-year-old in Fantasyland because it was so stinkin' crowded...

After being cut off, stepped on and elbowed by more French children than I can count...

After watching Dawson's face light up every time he saw Mickey...

After being so grateful Jason spent Christmas with us in Florida instead of in Afghanistan...

we really did have a Very Merry Christmas.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why You Should Come Back and Read This After Christmas

We returned from sheer insanity Disney World last night after a two-hour flight delay. Yay.

We'll be heading this afternoon to 'Nooga for Christmas festivities with mi familia.

If you return this weekend to read, you will:

- get to see super-cute pics of Dawson on Christmas morning

- get to see super-hilarious pics of my family at Disney

- find out about my second bloggy friend meet-up

- find out why French children are quite possibly the worst-behaved children in the entire world

- find out how many languages I heard while standing in line for Peter Pan

- find out how many times I got clothes-lined by a nine-year-old

- find out the meaning of "You threw away my lid???"

and much, much more!!

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where's My Brain? Oh, That's Right, I Packed It in My Suitcase.

We leave for Disney World in two days.



I am almost packed, and yes, I know that I've known about this excursion for quite some time now, but it seems like it and the entire holiday season has snuck up on me.

On a different note-

You know how you want things you know for a fact that you'll never, ever get?


Authentic Chanel.

A condo in Maui.

An ever-so-slightly-pink-tinted Lexus convertible with Elvis Sirius radio.

You get the point.

Well, I've discovered a new category called "Things I Never Thought I'd Get or Ever Thought I'd Want"

That's right, girls and boys.

It's a monkey backpack.

With a leash.

Because while your kid is running away from you in the middle of Fantasy Land?


Will be enjoying his running chain.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving and Work and Disney and Christmas and Decorating and Parties and...

...I'm thinking the phrase "hustle and bustle" doesn't quite cut it.

'Cause we're hustling like Vegas panhandlers here at the House of Fletcher.

I love the holidays, but this year seems to be psychotic especially busy.

Maybe it's because I have an almost-two-year-old?


We have celebrated Thanksgiving, are trying to plan/pack for our Disney trip, decorate for Christmas, shop for gifts, work, go to parties and having a blast in middle of it all.

We spent Thanksgiving in Chattanooga with my family.

Here is Zoey and her turkey...

..and Zoey being a turkey.

Dawson loved Zoey's Princess car...

...and also loved playing with Spencer, my friend Amanda's dog. We stopped by her house on our way home to eat pizza and watch football with her and her husband Michael. We also learned that they're expecting their first baby in July...yay!

I also love the holiday season because it means parties...this is Meagan, Megan and me at our book group Christmas party at The Pottery Place. We swapped cookbooks, painted, ate, and had a great time!

We spent this past weekend decorating for Christmas. Dawson loved "helping" put the ornaments on the tree! He also loves hiding behind it and trying to unplug the lights.

 He is completely mesmerized by gift wrapping and the "tip" (tape) that I use.
He managed to escape briefly with one of his prezis...

..and then helped me wrap. And rap.

We leave for Disney in less than two weeks - pray for me!