Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why You Should Come Back and Read This After Christmas

We returned from sheer insanity Disney World last night after a two-hour flight delay. Yay.

We'll be heading this afternoon to 'Nooga for Christmas festivities with mi familia.

If you return this weekend to read, you will:

- get to see super-cute pics of Dawson on Christmas morning

- get to see super-hilarious pics of my family at Disney

- find out about my second bloggy friend meet-up

- find out why French children are quite possibly the worst-behaved children in the entire world

- find out how many languages I heard while standing in line for Peter Pan

- find out how many times I got clothes-lined by a nine-year-old

- find out the meaning of "You threw away my lid???"

and much, much more!!

Merry Christmas!


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Lauren Kelly said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Love you, friend!!!! :)