Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seriously Lucky

I was very excited to be a part of the Junior League committee that planned Luck O' the 'Boro this year. It's a St.-Patrick's-Day-themed party complete with live music and a silent auction, and we had a blast planning it and hosting the event. All of the money we raised from ticket and auction sales go to agencies that help women and children here in Rutherford County.

The LOB committee: Jenna - auction, Beth- chairwoman, Yours Truly and Meagan - decorations and Megan- logisitics. We did a pretty outstanding job if I do say so myself (and I do).

The Three-Leafed Clover:

This year, we were excited to add something new to the event: The Man Room. Pool table, high-tops, Golden Tee and flat-screens tuned to March Madness: what man wouldn't love it? The event was held at a local golf course's clubhouse, and the men even a had a view of the greens. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

Our fabu silent auction tables - we had a lot of really cool things donated for party-goers to bid on.

MTSU came through for us and donated tickets to a football game, and one of the agents in my office who's also a pilot donated an aerial photograph of the MTSU stadium. I love generous people!

The band ROCKED. Magnolia is fronted by two awesome ladies who are extremely talented. They played everything from Pink Floyd to Aretha Franklin. Considering that they've shared a stage with Lynard Skynard and are regulars at the Wildhorse Saloon, we were thrilled when they agreed to play our event at a discounted price. Again, LOVE GENEROUS PEOPLE!

Pretty sure the crowd liked them, too. :)

This is the event staff at Indian Hills Clubhouse who helped us pull it off - I cannot say enough good things about them.

This is my sweet friend Kristin and her husband, Blake.  Kristin and I worked together at the real estate office before she launched her super-successful career as an interior decorator. I can't tell you how talented she is. Blake and I discovered through conversation that his family and my extended family in Manchester know each well - small world!

Meagan, me and Kristin...

To leave you with a laugh, I have to share a conversation that Meag overheard in the ladies' room at the event. The Luck 'O the 'Boro event...the St.-Patrick's-Day-themed-event...the event whose decorations and advertising featured shamrocks and made the room look like a leprauchan threw up in it.

Girl 1: "So, are you having a good time?"

Girl 2: "Yeah! It's great...I love the band."

Girl 1: "Yeah, me, too...they're great."

Girl 2: "I don't...I just..I'm not sure about something though..."

Girl 1: "Oh, really? What's that?"

Girl 2: "Why is everyone wearing green?"


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Pause Button

I need one.

Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

We have been busy - it seems every weekend holds an event or something to do - but we're having a blast.

Dawson's BFF, Vance, turned three in February and hosted his birthday party at Bounce U. I had never been to a bouncy place before, and oh-my-word --- if you ever want a really good workout, take your toddler there. I was sweating by the time we got to the cake and ice cream.

Hannibal Lechter meets Jack Nicholson in "The Shining."

The birthday boy had a blast, as did all his friends...
...Dawson's favorite parts were the "swides" and throwing the balls. Check out that gut.

"You talkin' da me?"
All of the partiers posing...Dawson was literally yelling, "CHEESE!!!!"

Abby, Dawson and Vance demanding cake...Happy Birthday, Vance!

Dawson has also learned to master yet another household appliance besides the vacuum cleaner, mop and dishwasher:
No, it wasn't on.
Yes, I let him pretend as long as he wanted. I will be showing him these when he's 15 and his clothes are scattered all over his room.

I've also had the pleasure recently of meeting a fellow blogger again - Lauren from Orlando came to Nashville to visit several friends and we met for lunch at Merchant's on Broadway. I first met her at Christmas when we were in Orlando at Disney. Lauren is just one of those people you instantly like and always want to know - she's also considering moving to Nashvegas so I'm super-excited about that!

Events coming up include a big St. Patrick's Day party and auction I've helped plan for The Junior League; a super-cute baby shower (um, no...don't even think about it); and David's 40th birthday! What do you get a 40-year-old for his birthday? A cane? Some dentures? Hmmm...