Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Fall, Y'all!

I am one lucky girl to have so many friends who are just plain talented...and that includes my BFF FOREVAH, Meagan.

Some of you may not realize that she is quite the photographer. She has a great eye and a really cool camera, so I was super-excited when she offered to shoot Dawson at Cannonsburgh, just as the leaves are starting to change. For those of you not native to Murfreesboro, Cannonsburgh is a wee replica of the 'Boro back in the 1800's (think Williamsburg, only much smaller), and it's situated next to walking trails and a creek. It's a really neat place, and it was the perfect setting for some fall pictures.

Enjoy! And call Meagan if you need some great family/kid photos on a budget!


Monday, October 27, 2008

This is What Happens When the Griswolds Have Their Picture Taken

Ok, so maybe we're not as bad as the Griswolds. I mean, no one wore a vest with Christmas lights attached to it or anything. No one wrapped up their Jell-O mold, either. However, when you get 11 people - including two babies - together for a photo shoot, it is bound to be hilarious.

Andrea at Krista's studio was the saint who shot us. She did a GREAT job and was infinitely patient.

Here's what's coming soon to a Christmas card near you!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas..."

Although Jason does get to come home early next year, he will miss Christmas this year, so we decided to have our "family Christmas" early!

My mom and I found some great deals at Hobby Lobby!
Jason opened his gifts first...this is the gift Dawson got him! It's a picture of Zoey in a frame that says "Daddy's Girl". And trust me, she is. She looks like him, acts like him, you name it.
Princess Zohan and her Sleeping Beauty DVD. I think Krystal is hoping she takes the hint.
"Oooh! A Pooh toy! I've been wanting one of these!"
This is the stellar wrapping job that Brandon did. Oh, yes. That would be a pillow case. 'Cause nothing says "I plan ahead" like wrapping a gift in a pillow case.
This is the typical scene at the Eaves-Fletcher Christmas. My dad videotaping, tons of wrapping paper and plates everywhere, with someone trying to take a picture in front of the tree.
Great-Grandpa shows Zoey the tree...
Mom and Dad pose with their gifts from Jason...
We had lasagna for our Christmas dinner after having family photos taken at Krista's studio...
...and the entire day was topped off with this. Jason's favorite strawberry cake. As Cousin Eddie would say, "That stuff is gooo-oood!"

Stay tuned for pictures from our family photo shoot!


Friday, October 24, 2008

When God Throws a Surprise Party

When God throws a surprise party, the greeting He shouts at you when He jumps up from behind the couch as you walk through the door goes something like this:

"Surpriii-iiise! What up, yo? Guess what? I'm bringing your brother home from Afghanistan in MARCH, instead of JULY!! Guess what that means? That he'll be home for EASTER! And FATHER'S DAY! And ZOEY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Woo-woo! Want some punch?"

"Oh, and? In case you thought I finished? He doesn't have to deploy til November 27, which means he gets to spend THANKSGIVING at home this year, too."

So, in case you wonder, God performs miracles. Every.Single.Day.


Quote of the Day!

Back in high school, Meag and I would have a Quote of the Day nearly every single day. It would be the P.S. at the bottom of the notes we'd pass back and forth...hilarious! It was usually a funny line from a movie we were currently addicted to watching 73 times in a row, or one from an extremely smart (read dumb) teacher who had irritated all of us.

So, I am hereby reinstituting the Quote of the Day.

It will be in the left-hand margin and will HOPEFULLY be updated daily.

Here's where you come in: leave a comment with a funny quote or one you just really like and I will feature it on the Quote of the Day!

Leave one now!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's 10 Times 10?

100! That's right! (I am so impressed that I could actually do that in my head.)

This is my 100th POST! I must say, I never thought blogging could be this much fun, and it's also impacted my life in ways I would have never dreamed. Because of blogging, I have gained a new best friend, been reunited with countless "old" ones, and learned that people you love truly do think about you and are curious as to how you are.

I am grateful that I starting blogging, and so for my 100th post, I'm going to list 100 things/people/places that I am grateful for (in no particular order). Ready?

1) Jesus.
2) My parents, also known as Ker and Jer.
3) My family.
4) My son's laughter.
5) Meagan.
6) Megan
7) Leigh Ann
8) Milky Way Bars.
9) Double Stuf Oreos
10) Elvis.
11) The way the air feels in the fall.
12) Grande Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks
13) Maybelline GREATLASH Mascara in Very Black
14) Any and all cosmetics.
15) The tradition my grandmother started of giving all the kids Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.
16) Sense and Sensibility
17) The way Dawson points at things and grunts at the same time.
18) When Meagan leaves me voicemail messages as people wanting to rent, buy or have their house decorated.
19) The fact that people no longer call me to rent or buy.
20) Michelle.
21) Sophia. Even though she abandoned me for two weeks in the busiest time of rental season, just to get married. Gah.
22) Plastic Surgery.
23) Not that I've had any.
24) Yet.
25) The day that Dancing With the Stars is cancelled.
26) Dreft detergent.
27) Christmastime.
28) Pregnancy is only about 9 months.
30) Friends who are brutally honest with you about the entire birthing and recovery process.
31) Prescription pain meds.
32) OPI "Hawaiian Orchid" nail polish.
33) Gain Detergent.
34) The entire aisle of cleaning supplies at Target.
35) Jewelry.
36) Monograms.
37) Maui.
38) Room service.
39) The beach.
40) The framers and bricklayers that built our house.
41) Mike at ParkTrust who actually let us move into our house.
42) Sherwin Williams paint#427 "Pirate's Treasure"
43) Jack Sparrow.
44) Yes, I know he's not real.
45) Or is he??
46) Gentry Wheat's singing voice.
47) Swimming pools.
48) Every single one of my Sunday School teachers.
49) The Junior League of Murfreesboro.
50) Marla Frisby.
51) Krista Lee and her amazing talent.
52) Rachel Wheat and her deadly baking ability.
53) Kim Wheeler and her crazy-good artistry.
54) Lipstick.
55) The color pink.
56) Don Knotts.
57) The ocean.
58) The ability to see the world through a child's perspective.
59) Gymboree.
60) Dresses with bows and capped sleeves.
61) High heels.
62) The tanning bed.
63) Whoever invented the tanning bed.
64) Jacuzzis.
65) That I am relatively laid back and therefore don't stress TOO bad over the small stuff.
66) The fact that I'm a perfectionist and yet still think I'm relatively laid back.
67) The little Puerto Rican man who let us build a house for him on a mission trip. Because of you, "luxury" has a whole new meaning.
68) Vance.
69) Jaden.
70) Putting up Christmas ornaments with Amanda every single year.
71) Susan Ireland.
72) The cashier at Michael's who tried not to notice that I had baby spit-up all over my dress.
73) Whoever invented the Bloomin' Onion at Outback.
74) Savannah, Georgia.
75) While You Were Sleeping
76) World Market.
77) Napkins and fun napkin rings.
78) Sarah Palin.
79) The Republican Party.
80) Kona Coffee.
81) Lakeshore Estates Community Pool.
82) Love notes.
83) Diet Coke.
84) When Christy Jennings sings "Rise and Follow Me."
85) Thunderstorms.
86) The fact that it's almost November and my rose bushes are still blooming.
87) Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream.
88) Cell phones.
89) The ability to turn off cell phones.
90) Being born and raised in the South.
91) Baby Orajel.
92) Disney World.
93) Prayer.
94) The entire book of James.
95) Hot, running water.
96) Baby monitors.
97) The fruit tea at Miller's.
98) The annual Manchester family reunion.
99) Digital cameras.
100) Knowing that tomorrow, I'll have 100 more things to be grateful for.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My New BFF!

We just got back from getting mani's and pedi's together and tonight we're going to the gym and then to Starbucks.

By the way? I am so getting some rimless glasses.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yeah, I Was That Kid in School

I got an award! I got an award! Yay, me!

I'm a Shining Star! Ok, so everyone on my committee in Junior League got an award, but hey! This one's still got my name on it, right?
I was an advisor on the New Member Committee with these fab-u-lous ladies I call the Three M's...Meagan, Megan and Marla. At our General Membership meeting last Monday, all of our new girls were activated and got their pins and were recognized and - oh, what? No, it's not a cult. We're just very organized. And generous. And beautiful. And very, very humble. Heh.

Seriously, though, the new group did a great job organizing Bowling to Build and the Women's Day Fair. They are from a variety of backgrounds and professions, and they impressed me with their ability to get it done. Talk about motivated. They are on their way to changing Murfreesboro for the better!


June 12th, 2009!

Why is that going to be a special day?

Because that is the day that Hutchings Baby #2 is due to be born!

That's BFF Megan, her husband Web and their little boy Vance are going to be adding another member to their already sweet family!

This is Moo on our Galz Trip with our gifts stuffed up her shirt, right before she toasted to "two best friends to be with her through her second pregnancy." Sneaky, I tell you!

Megan, I love you and can't wait to share this special time with you!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dawson is Nine Months Old!

It is incredibly hard to believe that my son has been OUTSIDE of my tummy as long as he was INSIDE of it! When people would find out I was pregnant (either by me telling them or by them gazing at my ginormous belly), they would always say, "Honey...enjoy it...time goes by so fast."

You know what? They were right. I feel like I should still be waddling and feeling him kick me like a soccer player. Now? The Chick Magnet? Is trying to crawl and has two teeth!

The shirt says it all. No matter where we go, women are drawn to him. Doesn't matter the age or race. Errands that should take me 10 minutes inevitably end up lasting 30 because someone has to flirt. Special thanks to Uncle Luke and Aunt Meredith for the Converse kicks!
Bathtime is his fav-o-rite time of day!
Waving "hi" to the "other baby" in the drain's reflection...
Splash city, baby...
If you look really closely, you can see two teeth on the bottom! And those suckers are sharp!

We love you so much, Dawson!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Even More Weekend Adventures: Art 101 with Papa

Our busy and fun-filled weekend began with a trip to Chattanooga. Dawson and I surprised my dad, a.k.a Papa, at his classroom at Hunter Middle. Dawson loved seeing all of the kids and I think they liked him, too!

Dawson and his Papa in my Dad's art room
Helping my dad grade papers...
"Um, little girl? You need to correct this."
My dad's 8th grade art class and its newest little mascot!

Thanks, 8th Graders, for letting us visit you! Now, go sit still, stop talking and listen to my dad! You might learn a thing or two! :)


More Weekend Adventures: Red vs. Blue

For any of you Chattanoogans, you automatically know what this means: Baylor vs. McCallie. They've played each other in football 47 times since 1908, building an intense rivalry as each year goes by. Friday was their 47th time to challenge each other, and so we went to the game - not necessarily to watch the match-up, but to watch #6 for Baylor play. Who is that, you may ask? My baby brother, Brandon!

Ok, so I use the term "baby" loosely since Brandon is 16 and is at least a foot taller than me. But he'll always be "my precious." :)
"Go, Uncle Brandon!"
"Baylor's #1!"
So...Baylor started getting beat...badly...getting beat like they stole something, Dawson became our entertainment!
McCallie won - AGAIN - for the 11th year in a row...but #6 for Baylor played a great game!!

We love you, Uncle Brandon!