Sunday, October 19, 2008

June 12th, 2009!

Why is that going to be a special day?

Because that is the day that Hutchings Baby #2 is due to be born!

That's BFF Megan, her husband Web and their little boy Vance are going to be adding another member to their already sweet family!

This is Moo on our Galz Trip with our gifts stuffed up her shirt, right before she toasted to "two best friends to be with her through her second pregnancy." Sneaky, I tell you!

Megan, I love you and can't wait to share this special time with you!



Leigh Ann said...

She is so much better than me. There is no way I could have ridden that entire way and not spilled the beans to you. She makes everything so special and memorable. You are right. I'll definitely be making a trip to the boro sometime early next year. The thought of that makes me SO happy.

Amanda said...

I am so excited for her!!! I cannot wait to meet Megan and Michelle this weekend!! Yay, only 4 more days!!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

You all are so sweet! I am one lucky woman to have amazing best friends ;)! Vance and Baby H are just as lucky and blessed to have amazing aunties...LOL!

Meagan said...

Soooooooo SOooooooooooooooo SOOooooo excited!!!