Monday, October 6, 2008

More Weekend Adventures: Red vs. Blue

For any of you Chattanoogans, you automatically know what this means: Baylor vs. McCallie. They've played each other in football 47 times since 1908, building an intense rivalry as each year goes by. Friday was their 47th time to challenge each other, and so we went to the game - not necessarily to watch the match-up, but to watch #6 for Baylor play. Who is that, you may ask? My baby brother, Brandon!

Ok, so I use the term "baby" loosely since Brandon is 16 and is at least a foot taller than me. But he'll always be "my precious." :)
"Go, Uncle Brandon!"
"Baylor's #1!"
So...Baylor started getting beat...badly...getting beat like they stole something, Dawson became our entertainment!
McCallie won - AGAIN - for the 11th year in a row...but #6 for Baylor played a great game!!

We love you, Uncle Brandon!



Amanda said...

I officially feel old now! Ha! I cannot believe my little boyfriend Brandon is a junior in high school!!!!!! Thank you for making me feel like an old woman this morning!

Rachel Wheat said...

I remember when I used to go watch Trever play football and wrestle. At first, I would cringe when he got sacked, but I quickly turned into "bulldog sister" and found myself screaming things like, "Take his freakin' head off, Trev!" Ahem, southern refinement at its best....

Megan L Hutchings said...

I love the picture of Dawson holding up his #1!!!!

I know you are so proud of your big, little brother ;).

Leigh Ann said...

That pic of you and Dawson is PRECIOUS and I love the one of your parents with D. They are doting grandparents, you can tell! What a fun time with the fam!