Monday, October 6, 2008

Girlz Trip 2008!

Meagan, Megan and I have promised to always take a girl's trip every get away, relax and just spend time together. This year, we went to the Lakeview at Fontana Spa in Bryson City, North Carolina. It's a rustic/chic spa resort tucked away in the Nantahala Forest, just about an hour from Asheville. We had an AMAZING time...getting massages, facials, playing board games, talking, cooking, laughing, sharing recipes...and best of all - sleeping in!! Here are some snapshots from this past weekend...

The Galz and I embark upon our trip...we have the best time, no matter where we go!
Meag recently got a professional Nikon camera, and so we stopped along the Ocoee to snap some shots. The day was beautiful! She is a great photographer.
This is the gift that awaited each of us in our rooms...a "welcome" box featuring fuzzy slippers, a relaxation book and candle. Such a sweet, personal touch!
My room...the linens were AMAZING!
This is the view from our veranda! We could see mountains for miles and the Nantahala River.
All three of us think so much alike...we each brought gifts for everyone! Moo gave us personalized pink slippers, Meag gave us a vacation journal and I gave us personalized pens that said "Galz Trip 2008!" I MIGHT have been excited about my prezis.
This? Is the twee, fake bird that was perched upon our kitchen counter. We named him Leroy. Little Leroy decided he had experienced enough of the rustic spa and SOMEHOW made it back to Murfreesboro with us! HOW did this HAPPEN??? Ahem. I have NO IDEA. Little Leroy will be our Galz Trip mascot until we're 73.
We hated to leave...our spa treatments were wonderful, as was the food and the staff. Cabin 7 will never be the same!
I'd like to say a special "thank you" to my sweet parents, a.k.a Papa and Gran, for keeping Dawson at their house while we were gone. David was also out of town on business, so Little Man got to go to "Gran and Papa Camp." I know he had a wonderful time. His mommy missed him, though!

And a special thank you to Meagan and Megan for being the best friends a girl could ever have. I love and adore you both and can't wait for Tybee Island, 2009!



Amanda said...

JEALOUS! That looked like the greatest weekend ever! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!!

Rachel Wheat said...

I have been so excited to hear how this spa was b/c it is close to both my step sisters and we hads thought about going!

Megan L Hutchings said...

What a fabulous post! Lakeview holds special memories and lifelong secrets!

I had the BEST time ;)!

Meagan said...

Love the post! Love you! LOVE OUT GIRLZ TRIPS!!!! We sure do know how to do it right, don't we! Counting down to Girlz trip '09! All I can say is... WORD!

Kelly said...

Glad ya'll got to go on a girl's trip! It sounds so fun and relaxing!!!!!

Leigh Ann said...

Leroy will have to make all the girls' trips now. Hilarious! I'm so glad you three had a good time, but I know it wouldn't matter where you were and you would have a blast. Y'all are so much fun. Love all the presents. You are girls after my own heart!