Monday, October 6, 2008

Even More Weekend Adventures: Art 101 with Papa

Our busy and fun-filled weekend began with a trip to Chattanooga. Dawson and I surprised my dad, a.k.a Papa, at his classroom at Hunter Middle. Dawson loved seeing all of the kids and I think they liked him, too!

Dawson and his Papa in my Dad's art room
Helping my dad grade papers...
"Um, little girl? You need to correct this."
My dad's 8th grade art class and its newest little mascot!

Thanks, 8th Graders, for letting us visit you! Now, go sit still, stop talking and listen to my dad! You might learn a thing or two! :)



Rachel Wheat said...

OK, those boys in the background are crackin' me up! Did you make your rounds to all the girls and say, "Now I know he's cute (Dawson), but when you have one you have to get fat and spend all your time and money on them, so don't even think about it!" ?

Megan L Hutchings said...

Your dad looks so cute in his apron ;)!

Meagan said...

Great pictures and great posts! I know you mom and dad had SO MUCH FUN with D-word and I know you were SO GLAD to squeeze on him when we got back!

Hey, let's do lunch this week since I'm off!!! :-)

Laura said...

How sweet and what a great surprise for your dad! I know he loved it as much as the D-man!

Leigh Ann said...

This is soooo sweet! Dawson looks adorable, as always. I know you two had to make his day getting to show you both off.