Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pure Sunshine

Otherwise known as Zoey.

Here are some quotes that were uttered this past week in The House of Fletcher. These can be filed under "Things I Never, Ever Thought I Would Actually Say."

"Stop sitting on your cousin."

"Sweetie, Zoey has to eat her rice puffs through her mouth, not her nose."

"I know Mommy's hairspray can looks like a bottle, but you seriously can't drink that."

And, last but not least,

"Son, I love you, but you can't play in the toilet."


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mickey Will Never Be the Same

I am counting the days til Christmastime, mostly because our biggest present is this guy!

That's right, my entire family (9 people!) will be going to Disney World the week before Christmas!

We will be be wreaking havoc on the entire theme park - and having a great time!

The last time we went was HILARIOUS. David was the only non-Eaves present at the time, and he was quickly schooled in what it means to "do as much as you can in as little time as you can." At one point, he actually grabbed my arm and said, "Um, can you ask your mom if we can slow down a little?"

There is no slowing down when you're at Disney.

There are, however, several examples of how once you're a redneck family, you're always a redneck family, whether you're at Disney World or not.

Exhibit A:

My brother, Jason, wore the same wifebeater, army-green jacket and khaki pants the entire time we were there.

This includes the period of time after a bird pooped on him outside Frontierland.

Exhibit B:

Instead of eating breakfast at any of the hundreds of eateries, bakeries, and vendors on Disney property, we? Ate boxed donuts and bottled water while waiting in line for the shuttle. 'Cause nothing says, "We go all out on vacay" like Hostess on the run.

Exhibit C:

Asking my dad to put on a Rastafarian hat complete with dreadlocks outside Pirates of the Carribbean so I could spend 10 minutes cracking up and taking pictures of him and my brothers is something I would never,ever do.

I love me some Pirates. I haven't been on the ride since they re-vamped it to include Jack Sparrow, so you can bet I'll be making a beeline for it once I've got my hand stamped.

I also love the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. The movie was my favorite growing up.

This will obviously be Dawson and Zoey's first trip to Disney...Dawson will be a few weeks shy of 2, and Zoey will be 18 months.

Um, yeah.

Does anyone have a leash I can borrow?


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Let me just tell you - it is a very good thing that I did not have a girl.

Otherwise, I would be down to one kidney and be living in a craptastic cardboard box, but she would be dressed to the nines!

As it is, Zoey is baring the brunt of my oooh-it's-a-cute-outfit-with-matching-hairbow fetish.

Look at this cute hairbow:

Shannon makes the most adorable customized bows - and so what could I do but get one for this little monkey?

She literally grips things like a chimpanzee and will gnaw on a banana for hours if you let her.

I hope she doesn't hate me later!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Last year, my Valentine was just one month old, but he already had my heart!

This year, his sweet little personality is in full force...he loves giving hugs and kisses and will pat you on the shoulder!

Krystal watched Dawson for us while we went to eat at The's a local Greek restaurant and so good. I cut my steak with a fork! Then, we went to see New in Town - very cute!

I didn't cry until I got this:

I love getting and receiving cards...I think that's why Valentine's Day is my second-favorite holiday (after Christmas)!

And what is better than sparkly pink-and-chocolate cupcakes? Krystal brought these to share with Dawson. I'm told he ate a whole one!

David gave me these after we got home from our date...

And even Dawson got a special book from Papa and Gran in the mail!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Friday, February 13, 2009

If Home is Where the Heart Is...

...then Krystal and Jason will be putting their hearts here!

Krystal closed this afternoon on the's located just a couple of minutes from the base that Jason will be stationed at once he's home from the Land O'Sand, otherwise known as Afghanistan.

Dawson, Zoey and I were hanging out at our real estate office while Krystal signed all the closing papers. I think they'll both be fabulous agents one day!

We went to dinner at Panera Bread after the closing, and then Dawson had to wear this after we got home:

My sweet hunk o' burning love!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Special Birthdays for Two Special Boys!

The past weekend was spent celebrating two very special Dad's 39th (hee!) and Vance's 2nd!

It was a warm and pretty day on Saturday, so we had a little picnic for Dad's birthday at the Greenway Pavilion. They have a small playground there, and Dawson took his first ride down a slide!

I think he liked it!
It got pretty windy and a little chilly, so we headed back home for birthday pie and gifts!
Zoey had her first taste of Four-Layer Pie...
...we missed you, J, but Zoey had no problem eating your piece!
Our gift to Dad was a DVD of his field dedication ceremony and a frame of pictures and grass from the field for him to keep.
Me and my Jer!
On Sunday, Dawson and I headed to the Discovery Center to celebrate Vance's second birthday! Dawson had a BLAST!
We joined Megan and Web and Vance and all of their family and friends to sing Happy Birthday to the big boy...
Vance had a special fishy cake complete with fins that Rachel made.
This pretty much sums up Vance's entire experience! He was so excited!
We had our own fishy cakes, too...little cupcakes! Dawson had blue icing all over the place.
After cake, we got into some serious playtime. Dawson loved "driving" the life-size fire engine...
...playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Meag...
...crawling in and out of the giant caterpillar...
... and playing with all kinds of neat toys!
We had a wonderful time! I think we all took good naps afterwards...adults included!

Thank you, Megan and Web, for hosting a great party and letting us be a part of Little Man's life! He is precious!


Look Who's Walking!

Dawson started "toddling" around his first birthday, and now he is unstoppable!
He'll walk from one end of the house to the other, try to run and usually likes to carry some sort of drink with him. Hee!

"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"