Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pure Sunshine

Otherwise known as Zoey.

Here are some quotes that were uttered this past week in The House of Fletcher. These can be filed under "Things I Never, Ever Thought I Would Actually Say."

"Stop sitting on your cousin."

"Sweetie, Zoey has to eat her rice puffs through her mouth, not her nose."

"I know Mommy's hairspray can looks like a bottle, but you seriously can't drink that."

And, last but not least,

"Son, I love you, but you can't play in the toilet."



Michelle said...

Too funny! I can just see them 2 hard at it. And little Dawson..... he is gonna be a TRIP!!!

Meagan said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Motherhood... does strange things to a person, huh! :-)

Lauren Kelly said...

Toooo funny!!!! Hope you had a good weekend!!! :o)

Megan L Hutchings said...

You definitely need to write these down for future laughs :)!

ariel said...

haha those quotes are hilarious! I can only imagine the things you'll be saying once he's really moving around.