Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mickey Will Never Be the Same

I am counting the days til Christmastime, mostly because our biggest present is this guy!

That's right, my entire family (9 people!) will be going to Disney World the week before Christmas!

We will be be wreaking havoc on the entire theme park - and having a great time!

The last time we went was HILARIOUS. David was the only non-Eaves present at the time, and he was quickly schooled in what it means to "do as much as you can in as little time as you can." At one point, he actually grabbed my arm and said, "Um, can you ask your mom if we can slow down a little?"

There is no slowing down when you're at Disney.

There are, however, several examples of how once you're a redneck family, you're always a redneck family, whether you're at Disney World or not.

Exhibit A:

My brother, Jason, wore the same wifebeater, army-green jacket and khaki pants the entire time we were there.

This includes the period of time after a bird pooped on him outside Frontierland.

Exhibit B:

Instead of eating breakfast at any of the hundreds of eateries, bakeries, and vendors on Disney property, we? Ate boxed donuts and bottled water while waiting in line for the shuttle. 'Cause nothing says, "We go all out on vacay" like Hostess on the run.

Exhibit C:

Asking my dad to put on a Rastafarian hat complete with dreadlocks outside Pirates of the Carribbean so I could spend 10 minutes cracking up and taking pictures of him and my brothers is something I would never,ever do.

I love me some Pirates. I haven't been on the ride since they re-vamped it to include Jack Sparrow, so you can bet I'll be making a beeline for it once I've got my hand stamped.

I also love the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. The movie was my favorite growing up.

This will obviously be Dawson and Zoey's first trip to Disney...Dawson will be a few weeks shy of 2, and Zoey will be 18 months.

Um, yeah.

Does anyone have a leash I can borrow?



Lauren Kelly said...

And I know you won't leave Florida, without seeing me? haha!!!!! :o) You all are going to have a BLAST!!!

Whitney said...

That is so fun! I know you can't wait to take your son there!

Laura said...

We'll be sure not to mess anything up while we're there in May for Baby Girl's birthday with Cinderella!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I AM SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED AND JEALOUS!!! I am sure the Eaves Family would love for your galz to tag along ;)!

michelle said...

how fun and exciting!! i LOVE disney world!! my husband has never been, so we are planning a trip in a few trips when the kids get older

Allyson said...

Woa, it'll be a whole new world with the little guy!! You'll get to appreciate everything you've always loved through his eyes--he'll be so excited!! How fun!!

Meagan said...

I can't belive you are going back AGAIN!!!! You lucky duck. Y'all are going to have SO-MUCH-FUN! You know what? I think whole-family vacations are even MORE fun as adults... don't you?

Amanda said...

I think the Ledfords need to tag along too! Ha! I'll start praying for Mickey now! Just kidding, you know I love the entire Eaves clan! :-)

Holly said...

Lol! Sounds like it'll be an awesome time! I've only been to Disney once, in Japan. I was 16, but felt like I was a little kid! :P

Leigh Ann said...

OMGosh! That will be SO much fun. D and I went there on our honeymoon, so it has an extra special place in my heart. We will take the kids one day!

Rachel Wheat said...

We just got back and it was great! Jack Sparrow is very life like! And yes, I do have a leash you can borrow. It looks like a little doggy back pack and the tail is the lead!