Friday, June 6, 2008

If I Were An Animal, I Would Be a Hermit Crab

Why? Because there are moments when I would LOVE to have a shell that I crawl into and not talk to a single soul. Which is ironic seeing as how my job requires me to interact with the public.

Which brings me to the Parade of Homes. A lovely, time-wasting event conceived by builders who desperately need an ego stroke. It's like the Oscars...where actors and former actors give other actors awards. And then they take up 5 hours of your time to tell you which one got a trophy. Gah.

My only saving graces are 1) I'm working an open house that's a Parade entry on a Friday afternoon when no one is going to come out here and 2) The house I'm sitting in I actually love and have decided that I will build it myself one day if my other house burns down. Or if I win the lottery.

I actually picked out all the interior specs for this house, and I must say, they look pretty good. This plan is great because every bedroom has its own bathroom. And one of the master closests is the size of Rhode Island.

There's also a balcony off of the master suite...that way, you can yell at your kids in the backyard while you're making your bed.

Oh,great. Someone just came in. Don't they know I'm trying to blog?



Meag said...

As always, there you are... cracking - Me - UP!!!! :-) Sorry you have a wasted day at the silly Parade of Homes - that sucks!

Deidra Brown said...

Wow! Share more pictures of the house! Hope you time there goes by fast. By the way will you ask Michelle were she got the curtains in her breakfast area from? Thanks!

Megan L Hutchings said...

This is too funny! I read Beth your description and she laughed! She had an interesting exp. with the oh so lovely John Floyd last night =)!

PLEASE...write a book...NOW!

Valerie said...

Girlfriend, you and me have that hermit crab thing in common. I have said hundreds of times I could easily be a recluse. Home is just such a good place to be. Hope your days was productive at least.

Laura said...

I hate when I get interrupted in the middle of my blogging, too.

Leigh Ann said...

How dare them interrupt your blogging! That cracked me up! I love that house. You definitely have a talent for interior decorating. It looks awesome!

Deidra Brown said...

Thanks for the info. about the curtains! I guess they don't carry them any more. Thanks again. I really enjoy you blog.