Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bringing Home Baby

Our family is completely in love with its newest member, Zoey!

After two days in the hospital, Miss Zoey got to come home! We were all there to greet her and make her feel welcome. Okay, so, we borderline smothered her with attention, but she is the sweetest baby girl we've ever seen. She looks a lot like both of her parents...she has the Eaves coloring and dark hair, and she has my brother's eyes.
I love my niece! As I was holding her, I told her about all of the important words she would learn from her aunt, like: "French manicure," and "Buy one, get one half-price!"
My mom and dad with their TWO grandchildren...and yes, that's Great-Grandpa in the background watching over his two great-grandchildren!
I had to sneak a shot of her wee little foot. So precious. Can you believe it will one day slide its little self into a red peep-toe heel?



Michelle said...

Well, now you have your little girl to spoil. She is a little doll baby. Love that dark hair. You will have so much fun with her. I really enjoy my niece since she is the only girl I will ever have. You now will find yourself going to the girl section of the kids clothes instead of the boys.

Congrats to you and your family! And Zoey and Dawson are sure to be great friends. They will love each other a lot!

Meag said...

Laughing - as alwasy! First of all, she is absolutely beautiful... and so small! It's amazing how fast they grow, which brings me to my second point. She makes Dawson look like a giant! LOL! He is just all smiles and I LOVE IT! Diggin on the bright yellow shirt! Now, to Zoey's vocabulary... you left our Ghetto-fab and Gangsta! ha! I am so glad she is home, I am so happy for you, your parents, your entire family! And I can't wait to meet Z in person and hold her!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

She is definitely going to be one spoiled little it should be! I think she is a perfect combination of your brother and Krystal ;)!

I am definitely with forgot the Ghetto-fab language she will learn along the way!

I am so happy for you La! said...

Wow, she is beautiful!!! I can't believe how alert she looks, not like a new born. Let us also teach her the "shop til you drop" rule 101 !!!!
Talk to you soon

Laura said...

Oh, she's beautiful!! I'm sure Aunt Lauren will teach her alota things!!

Leigh Ann said...

She is gorgeous! I LOVE that generation picture. Dawson is so cute with his huge smile! Love it! What a lucky little girl to have you for an aunt. Sounds like you already have the role down pat with the mani and sales. I could kiss that little foot. I love me some baby feet!

Amanda said...

She is too sweet!!!! Congratulations again to all the Eaves family! You forgot another important piece of advice...never, never, never go with a professional pedicure and chocolate brown is the new black!

Amanda said...

Oops, I meant never go without a professional pedi!!!! Zoey, those are very important words...professional nails & hair!!!

Rosie said...

You crack me up with your comments about shoes and such =)

Zoey is just beautiful! Yay, a girl to shop for, huh!!!