Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Adventures of Papa and Gran

Our Saturday began with an early-morning phone call. My mom was on the other end asking, "What do you have planned today?" in an ever-so-innocent-but-you-know-there's-a-reason-she's-asking tone of voice. Heh. I know my mother. Oh, yes...and I knew it...they were coming to see us! I was very glad.

They stopped at Jason and Krystal's first and my dad mowed the grass since J is at Fort Benning. While he was slaving away, Mom, Krystal and I ate at Mimi's and talked about Zoey's impending arrival.
This is the last lunch of the Eaves girls when it's just the THREE of us!
After that, Papa and Gran came to our house to spend some Q-T with the D-Man.
Sheer joy...
Laughs and drool with good-bye kisses!

They will be back this week to WELCOME ZOEY!!!



Leigh Ann said...

Isn't it the best to get your baby home after being out on a hot day and strip them down to their diaper? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! EG LOVES it, too. She gets all wild and frisky! It's hilarious!

Laura said...

I wanna see pics of D-man's nursery!! It looks TOO cute!

Meag said...

I do love a naked baby (and not in a strange way for those who might read my comment a frek out)! There is nothing like a wee one and there so soft cuddle me skin. So sweet! I can't wait until Z is here... a girl... I know your family is so excited! I still can't beleive that Jason is going to be a father! Wow!

Michelle said...

Dawson is such a happy little guy.
He knows how much he is loved. That is great! I am glad your parents get to spoil him.
Gotta love that chunky baby!
He is so sweet.
XOXO to my Little Buddy.