Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Thursday = happiness because I got to spend some time with my galz! I apparently did not get the pink pant memo, but how cute are they??
We ate at Mimi's Cafe (yum!) and this is outside of the restaurant. We had a great time eating (duh) and swapping random looked like Christmas!
I ordered this...pot roast, mashed taters with gravy (extra,please!) and zucchini...
Meag ordered quiche and fruit...
...and Moo ordered the bleu cheese and walnut salad. We laughed ourselves silly while we ate and then went to check out the new Belk. I'm sure the security officers watching on hidden camera were highly entertained at our antics. One cannot commit commerce with these two and NOT have a good time.
And? This is what happens when I leave my child alone with the two of them. They turn him into a street thug. As if he's not already exposed to enough ghetto-ness when he's at home with me. I'm sure his first words will be something like, "Yo, madre, can I get a cup a milk up in here?"



Leigh Ann said...

That D-Word, he be one of my peeps!

So glad you girls had fun. What a precious friendship you three share.

Laura said...

I LOVE the pic of D-man!

Meag said...

You make me laugh... you are good, so good, for my soul!

Megan L Hutchings said...


I completely did not even consider the cameras in the dressing room...LOL!