Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Attack of the Chunky Monkey

Dawson has earned a new nickname, "Chunky Monkey."

"Chunky" because, well, he's chunky...and "Monkey" because he LOVES to hang upside down and climb anything...your arm, your leg, and, as David found out, your face!

His little legs will wrap around you like a snake and his wee toes will grip whatever they can find...it's hilarious!

Did I mention we're totally in love with him?



Michelle said...

That picture of David and Dawson looks just alike.
Can you say Mini Me....
He is adorable! Gotta love em', and yes David you too.


Laura said...

Great pics!! We use to call Alise "Little Buddha" about this age because she looked like a "Chunky Monkey," too! Don't forget to write this nickname down in your baby book!

Meag said...

HEE-Larious! OH my gosh... I am with Michelle, on that last picture he and David look just alike! How cute!!!!!! Tell Dawson Aunt Meag can't wait to see him tomorrow night!!!

Leigh Ann said...

I am smiling ear to ear! How great you got pictures of that! I love his new nickname! He is just sooooo cute. I wish I could get my mitts on him right now! I could just kiss those little piggies! I love baby feet...big people feet not so much! Ha!

Kim said...

that last picture is hysterical!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Our little Mega-Word is so precious! You did a GREAT job of capturing some action photos!!!!

Thanks again for helping us move!