Thursday, January 15, 2009

She's Baa-aaack!

The spring semester at MTSU started today, which means my SIL is back to school, which means...

The Return of the Zohan!
The little princess at play. Getting her to stand, however, was a mission that Dawson took seriously.
"Ok..stay there. Keep your legs straight. It's not hard."
"I lushhh drinkiiiiinnng my juuuushhh..."
"West siiiieeed..."



Meagan said...

She is SO adorable! I can't believe she is crawling and standing already!!!! She looks SO MUCH like Jason, it's crazy!

Amanda said...

Wow! She has gotten so big!!! It won't be long until they run all over you! ;-)

Michelle said...

Ok, you are killing me with these post! Ha ha.
She is really grwoing and I HAVE got to come see them in action while you have her.Set up a play day for Aunt Michelle to come visit! I can wear my PJ's too.

Megan L Hutchings said...

She is so beautiful ;)! I love the last picture of her...shelooks like she is about to bust out in a break dance move!!!

Leigh Ann said...

She is adorable and your SIL and Zoey are so blessed she gets to stay with you during the day.

Dawson is getting so big! Tell him to slow that down! :)

Ohtobebeautiful said...

Haha Too adorable! How old is she?

Ohtobebeautiful said...

I wish I could say she sleeps in her shoes because she is a diva, but sadly it was just because I was too tired to take them off! ha!