Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harsh Reality

I watch CNN Headline News every morning after I wake up. At the bottom of the screen, there is a ticker displaying headlines, stock updates, weather predictions and, actually, an updated count of the casualties in the Iraqi and Afghan wars.

They are numbers.

They are people.

My brother is in Afghanistan.

My cousin is in Iraq.

Our family has two sons/brothers/nephews/grandsons in war zones. It's overwhelming to think about sometimes, and yet it is a great source of pride.

My cousin, Levi, deployed to Baghdad in November. He enlisted in the Army, and travels everyday in the streets of a warzone, protecting the people there.

He has been there for only two months, and his unit has already lost one member to enemy fire, while another member sustained life-changing injuries.

Please pray for Levi. As in any situation, when death or tragedy is involved, the shock and disbelief that follows can be consuming and overwhelming.

These soldiers live daily with a fear that you and I will never know or feel. They are enduring this to protect us and our freedoms, and to enable others to know the democracy we enjoy.

My cousin Levi in the armored truck he rides in to patrol streets in Baghdad.
A scene from a war-torn Iraqi town...the best I can tell, there are people in the distant background gathered around a fire.

Some Iraqi children watch the soldiers go by...

These men are serving you...Levi is on the left.

Levi with his uncle David, aunt Judy and cousins Gable and London.

Again, please pray for Levi and the soldiers he serves with.

When we're going to bed, they're beginning their day. Please remember them tonight.



Michelle said...

Very well done and said. They are in my prayers. I know you can't wait to get them back home.

Thank you guys for what you have done for our country.

Betsy said...

Thank you for this reminder, Lauren! I will remember them in my prayers! I know you think about them every day and can't wait to see them again! said...

You make me want to cry, again....... Thank you!!!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

So true!!! I thought about you and your family a lot this morning and will continue to keep them in our prayers. I know your family is counting down the days until they are home again :)!

Meagan said...

Hey! I am praying! This post moved me... My class has gathered things for you to send, I'll get them to you asap! :-)

Leigh Ann said...

What a wonderful post. It's so easy for us in America to take for granted what is happening every single day 8,000 miles away. Derek also lost fellow soldiers when he was in Iraq and it is SO hard! I still feel grief over it for their families. These men and women are so brave and are true heroes. It is SO important for us to remind each other (just as you have done so eloquently) there is still a war going on and there are still men and women risking their lives for us every single day.

I know you are missing Jason. I hope he is doing well.

Love you!