Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Party, A Pageant and a Praise!

We celebrated my mom's 33rd birthday (hee hee!) this past weekend in Chattanooga, where, as you can see, we set the world record for Worst Grandkid Photo Shoot.
Thanks, Dawson, for cooperating. Appreciate that.
Gran/Mom with her super-yummy chocolate ganache bon-bon cake from the Publix bakery...way to go, Dad! (If y'all have never had cake from Publix, run - don't walk - and get some.)
How many men does it take to light birthday candles?
G-Pa the Great fed (read: shoveled) Dawson some cake, and then we watched Miss Tennessee compete in the Miss America pageant...

Sadly, Ellen Carrington didn't win the crown...
...but Zoey had a great time watching all the contestants and contemplating what her talent will be in 2030. I'm thinking she'll be competing against this little cutie...
...the future Miss Arkansas, Harper Stamps, who is now off her ventilator, being held by her family and eating!
I don't think there is a better word for this than "joy."

Thank you for praying for her!



Lauren Kelly said...

Such cute pics :) Hope you have a GREAT day Lauren :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

So true love ;)!

The first pic of your mom and the grand-kiddos explains it all...girls sit properly and boys are love in action!!!

I am so happy Kelly is getting to HOLD and FEED Harper!!!

Meagan said...

I am so glad your mom had a great birthday!! I LOVE the first pictures because I can just hear Zoey's thoughts as she looks at Dawson, "what the... this is supposed to be photo-op d-word!" lol.

I am SOOO happy for Kelly... I'm headed to her blog now!

Laura said...

Chocolate Ganache is my absolute favorite! My employees got me one last week for my birthday and because I'm dieting, I thought I was going to be so sick from one small piece. Too rich and sweet, but gosh, was it good. So good it made me sick (nearly)!

Leigh Ann said...

Your mom is so pretty. She really does only look 33!

Can I just say I'm in love with your grandpa?! He is soooooo cute!

I know! I am just so incredibly happy about all the news about Harper! I'm hoping to see her in the next few weeks. :)