Monday, August 4, 2008

I Promise I Went to College

And I even graduated! In three years, no less!

Somehow, in all those semesters, I failed to sign up for "Putting Kid's Toys Together 101."

This? Is what happened when I attempted to put Dawson's high chair together the first time.
Is it bad that he could be eye-level with an Oompa-Loompa?
Much better. Note the concentration, the skill. The precision.
And this? Is what a Rainforest Jumparoo looks like before it's put together. Somewhere, a wee Tawainese man is laughing himself stupid, face-first into his chop suey over the crazy white lady trying to read the directions and "insert and click" the curved tube into the base tube.
Success! Nevermind I almost lost my religion and nearly became a raging alcoholic.

What was that you were saying about the joys of parenthood?



Amanda said...

Now, the next question is, how long did it take you to put them together? I must say I am impressed, especially with the jumperoo, that took some skills! Nothing is worse than a box full of parts to try to figure out!

Rachel Wheat said...

You crack me up, woman! Hey, I heard thru the blogvine that you got a new ride. Pics! We need pics!

Michelle said...

That is TOO funny. Let me tell you, this is only the start of putting things together with directions that make no sense.
Those pics of Dawson are so cute. Cant wait to get my hands on him again. He needs his Aunt Michelle fix...ha.

Megan L Hutchings said...

HILARIOUS! Just wait until Christmas when he gets tons of toys that need this and that and oh a missing part...LOL!

Such a BIG boy!

Leigh Ann said...

Hee hee hee hee! Been there and done that! There is nothing like putting together a baby toy that makes a educated woman feel like she didn't pass first grade! Just wait until Christmas. Now, that is REAL fun!

Kim said...


Meagan said...

Seriously? Are you going to pay my medical bills when I injure myself laughing at your crazy self?!?! Way to go on the Jumparoo... D-word is going to love the chance to be upright and moving!!! Bye Bye bouncy seat, hello Jumparoo!! Just wait until you are putting things together Christmas morning and he's old enough to be standing over your shoulder asking with excitement in his voice, "is it done yet mommy? Mom, what's taking you so long... can I play with it yet... do you know what your doing?" LOL! Priceless!