Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There's A Girl in the Castle!

Remember the scene from Beauty and the Beast when Lumiere and Cogsworth are freaking out because there's a girl in the castle?

That's what Dawson and I were saying yesterday when cousin Zoey came to stay with us! We're hanging out with her three days a week while Krystal goes to MTSU to finish up her teaching degree. I hope Zoe-Zoe had a good time and isn't going to need therapy.

"I'm innocent! It was Dawson!"

"Hey, Mom? You know that poopy smell? Well, it really was me. Not Zoey. Sorry."

"You're kinda cute. I guess I won't try to eat you. And? Can you believe she dressed us in coordinating Polo outfits? Gah. I say we mutiny and get our onesies back."


Zoey is two months old today! Happy Birthday, little princess!



Michelle said...

OMG....that is so cute. I miss that little Dawson ! Seeing those pics makes me want to just come and get him.LOL.

I hope the babysitting goes good. Hope you dont have to break out the Charmin for Zoey while you got her (if you know what I mean)!

That girl doesn't have a chance with you as her Aunt!

Meagan said...

Totally laughed at the last picture! I NEED to come hold her! Actually both of them! How sweet! I guess that makes you one busy Mama!

Thanks for my card love!!!

Laura said...

Loved the Baby Power pic! It's like they were high-fiving one another...baby style, of course! I hope they have so much fun growing up!!

Leigh Ann said...

Lauren! These pictures made my heart glad! Just precious!

Thank you, thank you for sending the shirts to us. Of course we love them and can't wait to wear them with you three girls by our sides. Hugs!

Megan L Hutchings said...

How sweet is this?! Dawson is sitting up so well ;)! He is such a big boy ;)! Zoe is absolutely precious! I just want to love on them both!!!!

You are so incredibly sweet to watch Zoe!

Lindsay said...

That is so stinkin' adorable! Don't you just love the way babies just stare at each other and drool?! At least he didn't tackle her - I'm sure it crossed his mind!

www.judyeavesmeanssold.bolgspot.com said...

Wow, she looks just like Jason!!!! They are so cute together. Dawson looks half grown!! Talk about linebacker! wow!
Where are Zoeys earings and Jewerely??
Every girl needs some bling!! Come on Auntie Lauren.
Love ya,

Rachel Wheat said...

She is so sweet! Must have been those lady bug cupcakies I made for mommy, huh? :) Don't you love when you get to stuff TWICE the cuteness into a picture?!?!?

Kim said...

okay - you can catch some hysterical pictures!! those were cute!

Duane said...

Those pics were too cute! He is such a doll and she is adorable. I can't even remember those days when Maddie was that small. Have fun!

Amanda said...

I just love them both! He is just the cutest thing ever and she is the cutest little Jason Jr ever! I cannot believe how much she looks like Jason! I have to see her next time I am in the 'boro!

Rach said...

How precious!

l e a h said...

That is a way cute picture of your little guy sitting up looking at Zoey. Too funny.