Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meagan and I love being in the Junior League; we get to hang out together as friends, make new ones and help people - all at the same time.

One of the projects we signed up to help with was the "Duck Derby." Literally, hundreds of rubber duckies float down the Stones River - duckies that you would "adopt" for $5 each. Every duck you bought would be labeled with your number, and if your duck wins the "race", you get big prizes!

All of the money raised goes to the Child Advocacy Center. They provide services to children who are victims of abuse and they do an amazing job here in Rutherford County.

Meag and I at the Duck Derby. Bet you're wondering what that wee patch of yellow is behind us, aren't you?
Meag and our friend and fellow Jr. League-er Susan, making parking signs for the day's event...
Meag and her rubber ducky. Aren't they the cutest??
Remember the wee yellow patch from the first picture? Say hello to the largest inflatable yellow duck in the ENTIRE WORLD.
I don't know which is scarier. The bear or my hair. Part of today's set-up happened at the "Sportsman's Club" that's next to the river. It should also be called "The Stuffed Animal Cemetary" or "What PETA Advocates Have Nightmares About." There were 3 bears, numerous deer, birds and a wolf. All stuffed. All looking angrily at me while I sorted t-shirts.

The Duck Derby was a huge success!

Our next Jr. League fundraising event will be "Bowling to Build"...stay tuned!



Laura said...

What a great cause! I admire you so much for being such a super mom to the D-man and having time to serve in your community! You are such a blessing to others!

Meagan said...

WORD! I still fall out laughin at the picture of you and the bear... seriously? Too freakin' funny!! I am SOO glad we signed up to do this one together... it wouldn't have been the same without you! Ha - understatement of the year!

Lindsay said...

You guys rock! And seriously - that is the most clever, most fun fund-raiser I think I've ever heard of - duck racing!! LOL. Great work you guys!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am so proud of mi amigas ;)!!! It looks like you had an absolute blast, but I am not shocked!