Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Revelations

I have been tagged by TWO of my sweet friends...and they're both the same question!

Meagan and Rachel W. both want to know 6 Random Things about me. So...here it goes:

1) I love Sharpies. The thin kind especially. I love the way they write, the way they smell and all of the delicious colors they come in. No matter what colors are in the card or stationary that you're sending, you will always be able to find a Sharpie that matches.

2) I watch Magnum, P.I. Every day. It comes on at 9 AND 10 a.m. on the Sleuth Channel. I love Tom Selleck, I love that it's in Hawaii, I love the corny story lines and the best part? The theme song! Duh! And I even love Higgins. Higgy-Baby? You made thin moustaches and highwaters cool.

3) I am addicted to cleaning supplies. I have a large collection under my kitchen sink. I like trying different scents of the same cleaner to see which one's best. Right now, I'm totally stuck on 409 Natural Stone Cleaner. I know. I'm weird.

4) I hate belts on women. I think they're dumb. If your pants don't stay up on their own, don't wear them. However, cute belted dresses are ok.

5) I know every line to pretty much every 50 Cent song there is. I'll leave you to mull over that one.

6) I LOVE ELVIS. I wish he was still alive so I could date him and marry him and cook him fried peanut-butter-and banana sandwiches. Then he could sing "Love Me Tender" in our white-carpeted living room before we hop a private plane to Kaui.

Was that random enough?

I tag: Megan, Leigh Ann, Rachel S., Betsy, Michelle, and Laura

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Laura said...

My Bloggy friends are killing me! Our mutual bloggy friend Rachel tagged me, too! Is there a time limit? I will try to come up with six more things, soon, I promise!

I like Sharpies, too. I just bought a whole package of them when they were on sale at Target. Alise knows that those are "mommie's markers." Except, of course, for the time she decided to color with the blue one all over my white kitchen cabinets.

The whole Magnum PI thing cracked me up! I was watching Tom Selleck on Thursday nights when you were probably still being rocked in the cradle!! I always thought his car was hot!

Amanda said...

My personal favorite...the fact that you know every word to every 50 cent song! That is random! LOL!

Lindsay said...

You knowing every 50 cent song is just too stinkin' funny! I think that you should sing to one on your webcam, post it to youtube and post it on your blog for the world to hear. :-)

Leigh Ann said...

Love your list! I can totally see you with Elvis. Hee hee hee. Thanks for tagging me.

Michelle said...

Ok, Im done. I had a hard time coming up with what 6 things to share.
I meant to put down my dream husband. Ha.
You can have Elvis, I want Tim Mcgraw. I have seen him in concert atleast 15 times. I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM!

Rachel Wheat said...

You are SO my girl! I know all the words to like every Too Short and Tu Pac song ever written and at least half of the Spice One lyrics. I know--ghetto beyond belief, but i figure we all have a bit of it in us, so we might as well let our freak flags fly! :) I can also rock you out to a capella Beastie Boys, if you like. You know, in case you didn't figure that out at dinner the other night when I was singing "Hey, Ladies" to D-Man! Oh, and Magnum? Smokin' hot--still love that guy! And the theme song? I'd have my doorbell ring to that if I could figure out how. Or maybe my car horn. You are hilarious!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Hilarious! I love each and everyone of these things about you...especially the 50 cent one ;)!

Meagan said...

I couldn't have chosen 6 more randomly perfect things for myself for you if I had too! Just the La that I know and love! Thanks for being fabulous beautiful! MWAH!!!!

P.s. I am so stinkin' excited about Saturday!!!!! You so neet to ghetto-fy D-word! Backwards hat and the whole get-up so he'll "fit" the "setting." LOL!!!

DYoshida said...

Hello Lauren Eaves...ergh...Fletcher! Sorry I have to get used to that. How in the world are you doing? Oh this is Duane Yoshida by the way...from a long time ago! Your family looks beautiful! Hope to hear back from you. By the way Mr. Tommy Kelly says hey too!

Dusty Brown: said...

I loved reading your 6 random facts! I think these things are always neat, b/c people try to come up with things that they don't nowmlaly mention...like 50 cent! LOL. I like rap, too, I must admit.