Saturday, August 23, 2008

Drafts and Ducks and BEARS, Oh, My!

Saturday was a busy day!

I'll begin at the end...

Meagan and I met David, Chris, Megan and Web, Donnie, Rob...and a lot of other friends at Coach's Grille for our fantasy football draft.

Now...for those of you who don't know me very well...I LOVE FOOTBALL. Preferably college, but the NFL is great, too. I have been known to perch on the edge of the couch screaming, "GIT HIM!!! GIT HIM!!!" while pounding the knee, arm or head of the unfortunate person sitting next to me.

This was my first draft, so I was a little rusty in the beginning (thanks for the help, Meag!). But...I got first pick of the WHOLE DRAFT! So, guess who I chose??


Ladainian Tomlinson is going to win me some money, yo. Mama's going to make some bank.

My honey and I at the draft....

Me, Meag and Moo in our customary 3-shot...

We can't wait for the season to officially begin!

Now, read below to see what ducks and bears have to do with anything...



Laura said...

Woo-hoo! I have finally found a Sista who LOVES football as much as I do!! I am right there with you! Except, I'm the girl whose husband is screaming back at me, "Laura, would you please calm down?!?!" Ha!

My fav NFL team use to be the Tennessee Titans. That was back in the day of Eddie George, Drew Bennett, Steve Air-McNair and Derrick Mason. My dream was to go to a Titan football game. Never made it. Now, I've kinda switched gears and I'm all about me some SEC football! My favorite team? You guessed it!! The Alabama Crimson Tide! Roll Tide, Baby!

Thanks for letting me share! I've had all that cooped up inside since the Independence Bowl last December!!

Love ya, Girl!

Michelle said...

Ok, I never knew that you liked Football as much as I do.

That is too funny!

One thing I wanna know! Where is
the picture of my little buddy at the NFL draft? LOL.

Amanda said...

I can't wait either! You know how much I love me some football!!!! I've already got my UT shirts out and ready to be worn this Friday and Saturday!
We need to start planning a Saturday night to have a football party at my house! We serious football girls need to have an excuse to get together! ;)

Meagan said...

I had SO much fun at the draft! I can't wait for this fantasy season and I am so, so, so glad you and David could be there this year and draft your own team! HOW MUCH FUN!!!!

That pic of you and David rocks!!

Duane said...

Wow. A woman into football! That is just one word: AWESOME! Good luck with the fantasy football. Hope you win and kick their butts...well maybe tie with Meagan! Lol. Talk to you later.

Megan L Hutchings said...

I had so much fun on Saturday! I love the conversations that the three of us share...if people only knew ;)! I am so glad that you guys were at the draft this year and are part of the team.

I just LOVE you!

Micah said...

Brad got #1 draft pick for his ff team, and he chose LT too =).