Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sheer Insanity

That's really the only term I could think of that could describe the past few days.

My life as a sane person officially ended last Wednesday afternoon when sweet Sophia, our leasing manager, decided to go to Chattanooga to get married, leaving me with the 1) rental phone 2) responsibility of taking calls 3) responsibility of renting properties and 4) no hope.

Sidebar: In case you're wondering why rental calls = no hope, imagine this: Take the dumbest people in the world and offer them the chance to rent the cutest, most advertised, most affordable rental properties in Murfreesboro and Smyrna. Then, give them your phone number.

Yeah. It's that much fun.

Friday, with Dawson in tow and rental phone in hand, I headed to Chattanooga to accompany my dad to the closing of my grandfather's house and to attend Sophia and Caleb's wedding.

My dad did a ton of work to my Papaw's house...updating it, painting, landscaping...you name it. All of his work paid off because he sold it himself to a family friend. Before we went to the closing, I took Dawson for a swim in Papaw's pool...this is where I learned to swim, spent countless summer days and had many birthday parties and my high school graduation party. There were many, many tears shed as I walked out of my Papaw's house for the last time.

Mark, the buyer, was beside himself with excitement to be purchasing his first home. He grew up with my dad and uncles, and would play at their house all the time as a kid. So, he's coming full circle in purchasing the home.

Saturday, my mom and I spent the first part of the day shopping, and then David met Dawson and I to attend Sophia and Caleb's wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL!! We attended the reception at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club and then headed back to Murfreesboro.

Sunday, we worked all day while D-Man spent some Q-T with his Aunt Meagan. Then, we met Meagan, Moo, Web and Vance at Red Robin for some hamburgers and onion rings. Yummy!

Monday was again spent at the office...Dawson in his Pack n' Play and I with the rental phone, banging my head against the wall. Isn't it sad when you're good at something that you hate? Six leases in five days isn't bad, yes? Albeit I accused someone of being "learning-impaired" and said on more than one occasion: "Call back when you've learned how to speak English." Gah.

Today? Much, much better. I gladly returned the rental phone to Mrs. Sophia Heath, cleaned my house and actually took a nappy with Dawson!

And! His full set of pictures arrived from Krista today...here's a sneaky-peeky!



Michelle said...

I am so glad that you got to go swim at your Grandpa's pool. That is a sweet story. I know it meant a lot to take Dawson there.

I am glad that you are now done with the rental phone so you can do more important stuff like shop, nails,and house cleaning. LOL.

Cute pic of you and Dawson !

See you soon!

Leigh Ann said...

Okay, could you two be ANY cuter??? I'm so glad you got to take one last dip in your grandpa's pool, a place that meant so much to you. I'm so glad you got to have that experience with Dawson. You are going to treasure that precious picture of you two forever.

You cracked me up with your escapade with the rental phone. If anyone could pull it off, it is you.

I LOVE the sneaky peeky. What an absolute doll he is!

Kim said...

Visiting from Rachel's blog. I love your site! I think you may live near my mom. She has a place in Summertown, TN.

Betsy said...

Awww...I know you were sad to say goodbye to your Papaw's house!! From what I could see, the pool and the yard were so pretty!

Ya'll are just too cute together! Glad you're done being the leasing manager!

Amanda said...

I almost cried reading about you selling your Papaw's house. We spent a lot of time in that pool. :( I love the new pics of my newphew. I really want to order a couple.

Laura said...

I loved the pics of you and D-Man! I can't wait to see the rest of them!

I am so glad that you like polka dots, too! Alise and I are polka-dot queens!!

The whole phone and rental thing cracked me up!!

Heather said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I know how it can be to deal with "learning challenged" people. I have a friend who says that those people come from the shallow end of the gene pool. That wedding looks beautiful. And, what a cute picture with your son!

PS. Do you live close to Smyrna? We drove through there on our way to Florida and home from Florida earlier this year. We ate at the Cracker Barrel on the way down and Ruby Tuesdays on the way home!

Meagan said...

I have to have to have to see all of D-word's pictures! You totally held out on me and Moo today! Okay, well maybe that's not true, we had the real thing... but I want to see the pictures too! I am glad you are back to "normal" life without the rental phone (Pew!) and back to bloggin'!

I had THE BEST time on our girls day today! You are the best! LOVE YOU!

Rachel Wheat said...

Amen to the English speaking, sister! The sad thing is that I know people who were born and raised in the states that don't seem to speak English, either! Bizarre. How precious is it that you got to take Dawson swimming in your Papa's pool? And got a pic? That's a special keeper, for sure. Lovin' the pic from Krista, as always perfect, impeccable, gorgeous! Little man is gonna be a star!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I cannot wait to see all of Dawson's pictures! He was such a trooper yesterday...YOU are such a fabulous mom!!!

I am so sorry that you had a week of sheer madness, but I know you pulled it off with grace and pure perfection ;)!

What you said about your grandfather brought a tear to my eye! I am so glad that you got to spend some QT with Dawson in the pool you grew up in!

Lena and Brad said...

So, you just HAVE to know that your baby boy is going to be such a ladies man! Y'all need to come visit more often so he can snuggle with us! So good seeing you :)