Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Day the World Changed Forever

On July 1st, 1982, Ronald Reagan was El Presidente, a gallon of gas cost $1.30, a stamp cost .20, and if you turned on the radio, you'd hear "Who Can it Be Now?" and "Up Where We Belong." Dallas, M*A*S*H, and Magnum, P.I. were the three top-rated TV shows, while E.T. grossed almost 4 million big ones in the top spot at the box office.

Also on July 1st, 1982, twenty-six years ago, my parents and the cosmetics industry rejoiced as I was born. Happy Birthday to ME!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE I am this old. As in more than two decades. As in four years away from the big 3-0. As in old enough to be married. With a child. When did this happen?

I share this lovely day with such fabulous femme fatales as: Princess Di, Olivia De Havilland (Melanie in Gone With the Wind), Estee Lauder (my personal hero, yay for you!), Liv Tyler and Missy Elliott! (This explains the ghetto-ness! WORD!)

I started thinking about how much one can do in 26 years, and it made me think about the next 26. When I will be...um...how old...let's see...carry the 1, and then add it to the...oh yeah! I'll be 52! 52.

Let's focus on the 26. In 26 years, I:

- have repelled over an 80-foot cliff (Never. Again.)
- have been called "La-Lauren", "Ta-Ta", "Laurnie-Pooh", "La", and "The Black Angel of Death". (Don't. Ask. No one actually died.)
- have been known to have slight (obsessive?) crushes on: Ricky Skaggs, Elvis, Antonio Banderas and Fritz from Swiss Family Robinson. (Shut up. I was 12.)
- have discovered that Diet Coke is the nectar of the gods and Little Debbies are, in fact, a total and complete separate food group.
- given birth to child.
- gotten married.
- Not in that order. In case you were wondering.
- Have appeared on television regularly.
- Have interviewed a Governor, convicted killer and rap singer.
- Have built a house in Puerto Rico. (I hope it's still standing).
- Have spoken Spanish to a smallish homeless man outside of an outhouse. (Not really glam but I thought it was unique.)
- Have been known to stay up til 1 a.m. baking, mopping the floor and coloring my hair. All at the same time.
- have worn glasses.
- have been blonde, reddish-blonde and brunette.
- Appeared as an angel in my kindergarten Christmas play.
- have worn my dad's underpants on my head and my mom's heels. At the same time. (Again, stop laughing. I was 4.)

All of this and more in 26 years.

My friend Chris has a concept that he calls his "pie chart." It's a list of all the things he wants to do, see, become in his life that will make his pie chart complete with all of the pieces.

There are so many things I want to put in my pie chart as the next 26 birthdays come and go. What are some of yours?



Amanda said...

Hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You!

Amanda said...

Oh, and I also wanted to add, that I am still, after all these years, very jealous that you and my favorite female heroine...Princess Di, share a birthday! Some things are just not fair! :)

Laura said...

Lauren, this totally cracked me up! You are so funny! I totally agree about the diet coke and Little Debbie snacks. Unfortunately, for me today, my diet started and so I have to pretend that LD's no longer exist! They don't exist. They don't exist. Love ya!

Laura said...

P.S. You are just a baby!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane for myself though! :)

Leigh Ann said...

Girl, you make me laugh, laugh, laugh! Happy Birthday to YOU! Yeah! You know EG would be all over that underpants on the head with heels!

Michelle said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
It is your first birthday as a little Mommy too.
Have a special day!!

Lots of love.

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday, Lauren!! You've done alot in your 26 years! Hope you have 26+ more wonderful years ahead!! :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

La ~ this was so hilarious!!! I loved sharing a walk down memory lane with you ;)! My favorite part...you share a birthday with Missy! I am so jealous!

I had a great lunch today and I can't wait until Sunday!!!!

Meag said...

WORD! You never cease to crack my... well... crack me up! ;-) Ha! I hope your birthday is the best yet! Looking forward to 26+ more years of laughs and fun times! LOVE YOU!!!!

Kim said...

okay - that was toooo funny - and a happy birthday to you!

Heather said...

Lauren, I am here from Megan's blog. Happy belated birthday! You are so funny, and you are a girl after my own heart. I, too, love cosmetics, and I dye my hair faithfully every three months (usually a completely different color ;) Anyway, you have a fun blog. I hope you had a very happy birthday!