Sunday, July 20, 2008

For the Love of EVAN!

This cute kiddo is Evan, the son of my wonderful friend Leigh Ann, who lives in Arkansas.

To look at Evan, you would think he is a normal, healthy six-year-old. And he is, for the most part. However, Evan faces a challenge that many kids today do: autism.

Autism is a disorder that challenges kids in many ways; in their communication, social skills, and learning ability. What a lot of us moms take for granted, like a baby who readily smiles back at us or a child who immediately tells you how they feel, moms with autistic kids number these everyday occurences as rare blessings.

Autism research has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, but we're still a long way away from fully understanding autism and how to treat it and eventually prevent it.

But we live in the now, and that means acting now. Acting, to me, Meagan and Megan, is participating in the Walk Now for Autism event at the Nashville Superspeedway on September 13. We'll be working the event part of the time, and walking the rest.

The team we've organized is called "For the Love of EVAN!" and we've already raised A LOT of money in his name for autism research. Our goal is $1,000 and we've already gotten $725!

But - we still need more. If you'd like to give, walk or just see what we're doing and pray for much success, please visit this link.

I've designed some custom shirts for our big day at the walk (hello, fashion is important, even at charity events, yes?) and if you'd like to have one, too, shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you how to order one. There are shirts for women, men, kids and even babies.

The Horton Family will be with us on the day of the walk; it will actually be the first time we've ever met Leigh Ann in person. I CANNOT WAIT! I never expected to make a new best friend just by blogging, but I have and now consider her challenges as my own.

As sisters in Christ, we are told to lift each other up, support each other and take on one another's burdens. Leigh Ann's burden is Evan's autism - please pray about what you'll be lead to do to lift her up.



Rachel Wheat said...

Hey Lauren! That is so great! i would love to walk and have the chance to meet Leigh Ann, too. I have checked out her blog and love it. Is the walk something gentry and Noah could come to/walk in as well? Would we need to be part of a team?

Leigh Ann said...

Oh my word! I am totally bawling right now! Thank you, Lauren, for what you, Meagan and Megan are doing for our family...for our Evan, and for all the other little children struggling every day. I love what you wrote about autism. I couldn't have said it better myself. I thank you all for the difference you are making! On behalf of all the moms and children out there that you will touch...THANK YOU! I can't wait to see you guys in September. I love the shirts! I am so thankful I found you three. Who would have ever thought blogging would have given me such blessings as three angels in TN. I'm so thankful! Please know just knowing you, reading about your precious family, and texting (hee hee), you lift me up every day! Love and hugs!

Laura said...

You guys are just so special to do all of this for this precious family and special little boy! It is so encouraging to see such love and devotion in this world that we live in today. I wish I could join you guys in September, but I will be with you in spirit....encouraging you to walk on for the love of Evan.

Lindsay said...

I think it's awesome you are doing so much for the autism walk. I have two nephews and my friends baby who have autism - so I know that early intervention is key! I will be praying for everyone involved, especially treatment for Evan.

Megan L Hutchings said...

My beautiful sunshine! I am so glad and thankful to be a part of this journey with you ;)! We have found another kindrid spirit and I completely agree that her burdens should be ours as well!

The t-shirts are ADORABLE!

Meag said...

La, you are so good with words! This was beautifully written and straight from the heart! I am so excited about September and I am so excited about helping sweet Evan!

I missed you SO much while I was gone! I was reminded of you and Moo countless times on my trip and I know the other ladies were tired of hearing, "Lauren and Megan..." LOL! LOVE YOU!!!!

Lindsay said...

Boy - I bet your hubby is REALLY missing lake country if he grew up here! I was in KS for the last almost six years and just moved back - gotta love the lake...

Heather said...

Oh, you are so right, we do need to carry each other's burdens! You did a great job designing those t-shirts! If I were closer, I would love to participate in the walk, but since I'm not, I'll head over and make a donation. Of course, I'll pray for you guys, too!!