Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That's a Wrap!

We spent most of the day today in Nashvegas at Krista's studio. "We" was me, David, Dawson, Eric and Sophia...together (except for Dawson), we all make up the Eric Blum Team. In short, the best realtors in the universe. We're also very humble. Heh.

We each got new headshots taken and some group photos, as well. Krista, as always, was amazing and flexible and creative. I can't wait to see our finished products. They'll eventually be on our brand new website!

As an honorary member of the team, Dawson came along to manage the editorial content and keep everyone smiling.

"Hey, uh, Mom? Are you going to freak when you realize I just dropped a huge load of drool on your brand new charmeuse blouse? Just curious. 'Cause if you are, I'm gonna go hang out with the boys."
"Hmmm. Interest rates? Construction loans? You know, guys, you could relax for a second. I think y'all need a bottle like mine. It's really easy to lift and juice comes out of it."
"Ahh, yes. This? Is much better. I love my Sophia. Can I get a sandwich? Maybe some milk or something? Oh, and Mom? The drool? It's still there."



Rosie said...

You look FABULOUS in that first picture!!! Love the one of Dawson holding his bottle above his head. So sweet.

I was reading some of your posts to Adam early this morning before he went to work. We were both just cracking up. You are so 5am =)

Love you!

Megan L Hutchings said...

You look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous in that picture! I love the shirt...even with the drool ;)!

The commentary is hilarious! I am so glad that D is able to help with all of the wheeling and dealing!

Rachel Wheat said...

You have to love Krista! That girl is good! That is like the greatest color ever on you, by the way!

Michelle said...

You are too funny. Ya'll look great! Love your new shirt.
And Dawson, well is the cutest little guy. I am sure the pictures will turn out great. I hope the Prince likes them. LOL

Leigh Ann said...

You look gorgeous! Love, love, love the blouse! Can't wait to see your new picture on the website.

Heather said...

I agree with everyone else. You look wonderful in that picture!!

Amanda said...

I am so glad you have Dawson to help in all the important business of the day! Also, whenever you decide you do not like that shirt anymore, I'll be happy to take it off your hands! LOVE it, even with the drool!

Meag said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures! You always crack me up! You are beautiful and D-word is precious and priceless as always!!!!