Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Water Baby!

Yesterday, we visited Aunt Michelle at her pool in Primm Springs for Dawson's first swimming experience! People, the child is fearless. He LOVED the water.

Is it bad that I'm as pasty as he is??
He splashed and splashed...so much so that he splashed water in his eyes. Crying? Not this one. He looked at me like "What? I'm fine. It's just water."
"Honey, what are you doing wasting your daddy's gas money? Come on and get in MY car."
"Can we go home? I'm tired and a wee bit pruny."

We had a wonderful time! Thank you to Aunt Michelle for hosting a great pool party!



Michelle said...

That is so CUTE! He did indeed have a great time. It was so much fun watching him. He was a real water baby. He was so good!
We did have a great time and we will do it again soon.
Love that picture in the float!
See you soon!

Laura said...

Oh, I can tell he had SO much fun!! Big D will be swimming like a fish in no time!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

How PRECIOUS is this! I especially love the one of him swimming in the car float...straight pimping ;)!

You are NOT pastey! You are BEAUTIFUL!

Betsy said...

Ok--he is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love all those cute pictures!!

Leigh Ann said...

He is so STINKIN' cute! Those eyes - OH MY GOODNESS!! I'm glad he loved the water. Where did you find that car? EG would love that!

Rachel Wheat said...

Ok, the car float--hysterical. That last pic, though, melt my heart, why don't you?!?!? How cute was that? I live for those snuggly mommy moments!

Amanda said...

Dawson needs to bring his mommy and daddy to Chattanooga to ride around in Aunt Amanda's boat! Also, just for the record, you are not pasty...I can show you pasty!

Meag said...

oh my gosh! You have the most adorable child ever! And a water baby to boot! I love it! Y'all look great in the pool - looks like a mini-vacation!!