Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Tiniest Warrior

What progressed into a dark day eventually turned into a bright twilight as Brooke went from terribly bad to a little better yesterday.

At 2 p.m., doctors were unsure that she would live until the end of the day. My aunt called my mom, who works near the hospital, asking her to please go there to be with Brooke in case she and my uncle couldn't make it in time.

At 5 p.m., my dad called to let me know that she although she was back on a ventilator, Brooke was opening her eyes. Here is an update, posted by a family friend on Erlanger's CarePage website:

"I just talked to Leatha. Brooke is 'a little less unstable'. She was laughing and she even grabbed Jeff's lip. The doctors are baffled, but God has baffled many a doctor in the past I am sure. Brooke is not out of the woods. So we will have to just keep praying for God to work a miracle. We will give him all the glory! I will keep the updates coming as I get them. "

Please continue to pray for Brooke and my aunt and uncle. It is amazing the power that prayer has, and how quickly just one request for intercession can transform into a life-changing chain of hope. How thankful I am for friends who, after just one text message, not only begin praying, but ask people at their work, homes and even the ballfield to pray.

I believe that situations like this teach us faith, humbleness and how to see God's love even in the most trying of times. I believe that those who we see as sick babies, cancer patients and the elderly man in a wheelchair are really warriors that God uses to challenge us and make us more dependant upon Him.
Miracles happen; every life is an example of one. And it will take a miracle to save this tiniest of warriors.


Amanda Ledford said...

You are all in my prayers. Please let Leatha know I am thinking about them at this time. Brooke is an example so many miracles! God is definitely present with her in the PICU!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Sweet Brooke ~ May God wrap his comforting love around your little body. May he keep you safe and heal your pains. Keep fighting little warrior as we fight with you!

Meag said...

Thank you for the update! Let Leatha know that many in Middle Tennessee are praying for Brooke and the entire family!!!!!