Thursday, May 29, 2008

Botox For My Blog

My blog needed to have a little work done...something about it just wasn't quite perky enough for me.

Enter Ashley Wages, designer extraordinaire. She totally did a complete facelift on my site and look at the results!

She is very creative and talented. This is the only direction I gave her when I asked her to do a custom design for my blog:

"I love anything aqua and brown, anything beachy and anything 'girly.'"

She has done designs for Megan and Lena and theirs look amazing, as well.

I adore creative people. Something about them just makes you thankful and energized at the same time.

Oh, and? I'm not going to tell you how much Ashley charges for her Beverly Hills Blog Makeover.

You'll have to visit her site, to find out.

Thank you, Ashley!



Meag said...

It's so you!!! I love the facelift!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Seriously????? This is AMAZING!!!!

It screams LAUREN FLETCHER!!!!

Leigh Ann said...

I LOVE it!