Friday, May 9, 2008

The "I" Profiles

I've been tagged by my bestest Meagan to complete the following...

I am...happiest when I'm productive and busy.
I think...that it takes guts and courage to be a mom.
I know...that I would be nothing without my family.
I wish...that life would slow down.
I hate...manipulation, insincerity, selfishness.
I grandmothers and my papaw.
I fear...those I love not knowing how much I do.
I feel...loving is an action, not something you just say.
I hear...Dawson breathing.
I crave...the tanning bed. And chocolate. And the ocean.
I wonder...what Dawson will be when he grows up.
I family, my friends, my job.
I ache...when I think about Jason going overseas.
I care...for a hand-made card more than a store-bought one.
I always...wear lipstick.
I am a good mood if I don't drink Diet Coke and listen to Elvis. Every. Single. Day.
I Dawson in Spanish.
I private.
I don't always...say what I think.
I write...for fun now. It wasn't fun when I did it for a living.
I win...when I get clients the house they want.
I lose...when I think negatively of myself.
I never...think my house is clean enough.
I friends when they need to talk.
I am scared of...the day when Dawson says "It's ok, Mama...I can do it without you."
I husband's hugs.
I hope...I'm the kind of mom my son thinks I am.
I tag....Rosie and Amanda.


Amanda Ledford said...

See my blog! :)

Meag said...

I LOVE your "I" post... it's totally word! lol!

Anonymous said...

Do you always have to have a cute dress on and look beautiful??? You're making the rest of us look bad...literally =(

How do you find the time?

Love the pics of Dawson at 4 months!


Megan L Hutchings said...

I absolutely LOVED reading this La!