Sunday, May 4, 2008

In the Army Now

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Two Generations of Service
The Proudest Family
It's official: our Jason is now a soldier in the United States Army!

On Friday, MTSU ROTC held its annual commissioning ceremony in which cadets are promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant and officially commissioned by the Army. They receive a certificate, coin, and medals; the medals are pinned on by family members. It's also a tradition in our Army that newly commissioned second lieutenants present a silver dollar to the first enlisted soldier who salutes them. The coin symbolically acknowledges the receipt of respect due the new rank and position. The first enlisted enlisted soldier to salute Jason was our grandfather (he served in Japan at the end of WW II), and in turn, Jason gave him a silver dollar. Tears!!!!

My parents, Brandon, Krystal's mom and step-dad, and Jason and Krystal's close friends were there to celebrate his success. We are all so proud of him!


Amanda Ledford said...

Congratulations Jason! I am so proud of you!

Meag said...

tear! I can't believe that Jason's in the Army... he looks so distiguished! WOW! Please extend my congratulations! Tell Crystal she is cute as can be with her little preg-o belly! And tell yourself that you are a knock-out hot Mama!!! I mean, really? You look SO great!

Megan L Hutchings said...

That is so sweet! I love that his grandfather got to be a part of this moment. Your family is so amazing...YOU especially! You look gorgeous in the pic! said...

That is a wonderful story. That moment is part of history!
Jason looks so handsome!!!!
I know that made your grandfather feel so proud!

We miss ya see you soon.

Leigh Ann said...

That totally gave me chills about your grandfather and Jason! That is amazing. I know you are so proud.

Rosie said...

Wow, does this go down as one of the proudest and scariest moments all at the same time. Tell him a hearty thank you for everything that he has already given and is going to give to serve his country! And I agree with everyone above, you are one hot mama. But you were hot even before you were a mama, so what do they expect ;)