Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Something to Sink Your Teeth Into

"I wish each color was a different flavor."
"Ahhh, Myrtle...only a true friend lets you gnaw on their appendages."
My sweet son is not a wee baby anymore! Ok, so, he's never really been "wee," but you start to realize how fast he's growing when he's almost 5 months old and beginning to teeth!

He is chewing on everything in sight and drooling like me watching an Antonio Banderas movie.

He LOVES his turtle toy that his Uncle J and Aunt K gave him....she (he?) has been officially dubbed "Myrtle the Turtle." Myrtle has plastic hands that he loves to chew on.

Any advice on dealing with the affects of teething would be appreciated by a new mom currently soaked in drool.


Megan L Hutchings said...

You HAVE to love the days of the "Drool Fountain!" Here are just a few things that have worked for us...

~ Giving him Motrin at night! This eases the pain while he sleeps!

~ I always keep teething toys in the frigidaire. They are not his favorite, but when I need something cool to help him they are ready =).

~ Sometimes we would give V a plastic water bottle (no paper) full of cold, ice water. He loved trying to chew it and the coolness was a big help.

~ The vibrating teething toy is still a winner!

These are just a FEW of the things we have tried. The funny thing is you can give D every teething toy imaginable, but he is going to chew on everything under the sun.


Meag said...

How cute is your mini-word? I can't believe he is getting teeth already! CrAzY!!!! Can't wait to see you at lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!