Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been tagged!

My bestest Megan has tagged me with the following questions:

"What were you doing 10 years ago?"
10 years ago I was a junior at ye olde Ooltewah High School, trying my hardest to make it through Ms. Pease's Algebra II class, wishing I could just graduate already, and having a wonderful time with my friends in Leadership and American Studies. My car? A 1988 brown Cutlass Ciera affectionately known as "Polly the Party Barge." Seriously? You could fit, like, 18 people in the car. (Ahem, not that I EVER did that.) I was Junior Class Secretary (nerd!) and had long, brownish-blonde hair. No, I'm not kidding.

"5 (or 15) things on my to do list today":
- Go to office to fax forms, make phone calls for a closing today
- Yell at listing agent for being dumb
- Feed Dawson
- Fax more forms and go to lunch with Michelle
- Yell some more on the phone
- Feed Dawson again
- Go to closing and want to yell but internalize for sake of other people
- Feed Dawson
- Close.
- Yell in car to self about listing agent being dumb
- Give Dawson paci instead of feeding.
- Go to pick up keys instead of dumb agent bringing them to me
- Wait.
-Wait some more.
- Get keys.
- Yay. Day is over. Must feed Dawson. Again.

What I would do if I was a billionaire (in no particular order):
- Save enough for all of Dawson's college, car and all the food he could ever want to eat
- Buy my parents a condo in Maui and my dad a new orange Bug
- Pay for Brandon's college and a brand new car
- Buy Jason out of his Army contract, buy he and Krystal a new house, cars and Zoey's college
- Buy David a vintage Mustang and a boat
- Pay off debts of all immediate family members and my bestest
- Pay Brooke and Bailey's hospital bills
- Buy Papaw's house
- Buy my Grandpa a new truck
- Pay off our houses
- Buy a condo in Maui next to my parents
- Give to our church and March of Dimes, St. Judes and Alzheimer's Research

Bad habits:
- Worrying.
- Internalizing.
- Eating chocolate at 11 at night

Places I have lived:
- Ooltewah, Tennessee
- Murfreesboro, Tennessee
- Maui, Hawaii (Heh. Kidding.)

Jobs I have had:
- Babysitter extraordinaire starting at age 12
- Nursery worker at the Fit Zone
- Receptionist for Young Electric/dog watcher/house cleaner
- Nursery worker at the YMCA
- Sales person at The Home Place (discount!)
- Interior Decorator assistant (gopher)
- News intern (unpaid. Yeah, I know.)
- Assistant Manager at Phase II (perky!)
- Yearbook staff writer at MTSU (joke)
- News intern again (unpaid. You'd think I'd learn.)
- Associate news producer at Fox (see previous comment.)
- Rental Queen/Executive Assistant to the Prince O' Real Estate (see slave)
- Realtor
- Mommy (my favorite)

I tag:


Amanda Ledford said...

I accept the challenge! Check out my blog in a few!

Leigh Ann said...

I'm with you...there are never just 5 things on my to do list!

Meag said...

Yay! I so remember the Nanny days!!! And the Phase II days!!! LOL!!!! Fun times, I'm telling you! We've come a long way draino!