Friday, April 18, 2008

The Ladies' Man

Sharing some chips n' salsa with Aunt Heather at La Siesta...
Chillin' with Aunt Michelle and Mrs. Audra at Demos'....
For some strange reason, I thought that having a baby and "staying at home" would somehow make life slow down a little. Heh. Yeah, right.

It's amazing that I am just as busy now as I was when I worked (i.e. The Vicious Landlady, Assitant of the Century, etc.), only it's with different things. Now, there's always somewhere to go, someone to visit, something to clean, wash, organize, change, prepare, clean again, make, do, plan, decorate, finish, think about finishing, clean some more...and what's more...the real estate market is picking up, so I'm also getting lots of business! How to juggle everything is a learning experience.

What I always make time for? Lunch with the ladies. Dawson has gotten his fill of girl talk and constant adoration over the past few weeks when we ventured out for lunch dates with some of my closest gal pals.

I am very thankful for them...they keep me grounded, give me great advice and, most importantly, make me laugh.

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