Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

My Uncle Jeff and Brooke
There are two families going through some dark times right now that I know would appreciate your prayers.
My little cousin Brooke is fighting to live. Your prayers for her and my aunt and uncle would be appreciated. Below is an e-mail sent from one my aunt's friend at their church.
"Brooke is very, very sick. (She is 5 months old, but only weighs 7 pounds.) She is working way too hard to breathe. She doesn't pull in enough oxygen, and she can't push out the carbon dioxide. This makes the gases in her blood dangerously out-of-balance. (This can cause her to go into cardiac arrest at any moment.) Surgery has been scheduled for next week to put in a tracheotomy and a permanent feeding tube (unless she makes major improvements). She also has severe high blood pressure in her lungs. The blood vessels are not delivering enough blood to her lungs. Her heart is working twice as hard as it should be. Since it is a muscle, this is causing her heart to harden. This too is dangerous for her heart and could cause it to stop at any moment. Leatha called me this morning specifically asking us to pray."
Second, our very own Chris and his brother, Rob, are at Centennial Hospital waiting to speak to doctors about their father Harris' newly diagnosed brain tumor. Mr. Hooper had what seemed to be a mini-stroke last night when he lost the ability to use his arm. After testing and scans this morning, a brain tumor was discovered. Mr. Hooper is close to both of his sons, and I know that he and his wife and children would appreciate your prayers.


Megan L Hutchings said...

Oh Lauren ~ my heart aches for your Aunt and your family. Poor Brooke...God PLEASE be with this little angel and keep her strong!

As always, praying for the Hoopers!

Amanda Ledford said...

Definitely in my prayers. Please keep us up to date.

Meag said...

Brooke is covered in prayer!
So are the Hoopers!

God is great, he knows our needs and the desires of our hearts! Have faith!

Judy Eaves means SOLD! said...

The question is: Did you sell the house??? If so, pack Dawson up and Fed Ex him to me in Florida!!!!!

Leigh Ann said...

I am a blog friend of Megan's. I just LOVE her!!! She told me that the three of you put puzzle pieces up in my little boy, Evan's, honor to fight autism. I wanted to thank you for your kindness. It means more to me than you will ever know! Dawson is adorable! I will definitely be back to your blog to visit! And, I'll remember your loved ones that are going through such a difficult time right now.
Leigh Ann

Heather Guthrie said...

Your family, especially this sweet baby, are in my prayers!