Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Orange Girl and Some Superfriends

Every season, I swear it's not going to get me.

And every season, it does.

I'm talking about The Bachelor.

Also known as the most pre-produced and heavily-edited show on the face of the planet.

I usually have plans on Monday nights, so I'll record it and gag through watch it later, as I did tonight.



Does the poor man need glasses? A brain transplant?

Vienna would be the one in the center. You know, the orange one with the really bad hair extensions.

If you're getting mad right now because you LIKE her and you WANT her to be the one he chooses, can you please tell me why? What have I missed? Nothing about her screams "hi-I'll-be-a-fabu-wife-and-mom".

But I could be wrong.

If he chooses her, I really hope I am.

What I am never wrong about, however, is whether or not it's a good idea to throw a party for some friends.

We recently enjoyed a Superbowl/Birthday party at mi casa with The Hutchings and Meagan and Chris.

As always, we had a blast.

Sweet Jack and Aunt Meag...

The birthday girl and two of the funniest boys ever...

Megan, Web, Vance and Jack...we will get to celebrate Vance's birthday at his party this weekend!

And lastly, Meag and I posing for a photo...with our own life-size "Where's Waldo?" character.
He just pops up everywhere! :)



Jess said...

I cannot stand Vienna. I cannot fathom why Jake is interested in her........... between the hair extensions and creepy smile, she doesn't actually seem all that pretty to me.

However, she clearly was willing to "get to know him" in the Fantasy Suite, so there's your reason, lol.

When she was talking about marriage and being a mom, it sounded foreign coming out of her mouth. Kind of like me (a native Floridian) talking about how great it would be to live in China.

Megan L Hutchings said...

As always...my favorite room creates the best memories :)!

Meagan said...

You always crack me up! Thank you for my birthday bash... as always with you and Moo involved, it was wonderful!

I just have one question... (because I don't watch the Bachelor)... did you say that chick's name is Vienna? Like, um, Vienna Sausages? 'Cause that's the first thing that came to my mind when I read your post, and I could never ever be hitched to someone named after a redneck canned meat-product that doubles as fishing bait. Just sayin'

(p.s. I ate plenty of them as a child - so no offense to anyone out there who enjoys the occasional can-o-sausages, I hear there are many fabulous flavors!)

Leigh Ann said...

It sucks me in everytime! Derek had fun watching me freak out over Vienna! Ha! That show is a train wreck! Cute pics, ESP with Waldo! You look so pretty!