Sunday, February 14, 2010

All I Wanted Was a Little Privacy

When you become a mommy, there are a few things you sacrifice.


Sitting down to eat.

Listening to Playhouse Disney for the 47th time while you'd rather be listening to 50 Cent something else.

Ok - so there's a lot of things.

Which is awesome. Most of the time.

#536 on the list: Private potty time.

Think it's ok to visit the ladies' room for 2 minutes and leave your toddler unsupervised?

Still think it's not a big deal to sneak to the WC while the two-year-old is "watching Little Einsteins"?

Still think it's gonna end well?

Think again:

Mmm-hmm. That would be my lipstick.
Loreal's High-Intensity Pigment "Allure", to be exact.

High-Instensity Pigment, indeed.

Needless to say, I will be having a wee chaperone with me in the ter-lit (my dad's term) for quite some time.

This was the first time Dawson ever "got into" anything like this, and I'm hoping it's the last. (Stop laughing).

In case you are wondering, the walls, carpet, bedding, etc. were spared.

The little man also got to experience another first recently...SNOW!

It snowed roughly three inches in Chattanooga when we were visiting my family, and this is the snowlady that my dad and Krystal built. My mother named her "Maggie" because of her uber-posh magnolia hat.

Happy Valentine's Day!



Lauren Kelly said...

I so had to laugh. That Dawson is something else.

I'm so jealous of the snow!

Can't wait to see you this week!! :)

Meagan said...


Okay, so I know it was a mess, but doesn't every adutl have "that" picture of when they were a kid? Cutie! I am sure he was just trying to get camera ready! ;-)

Hautemama said...

Love your blog! I just noticed that your blog matches my black-and-white pillows on my couch! We both have good taste!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I think Meag put it perfectly...he just wanted to make sure he was ready for the big cheese!!! At least you have taught him well. Lipstick on the face NOT on the house!!!

Lindsay said...

Snicker. :-) That's pretty funny - and his smirk is priceless! At least it wasn't the 8-hour stuff...