Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Ma'am, Please Tell Your Kid to Stop Screaming or You'll Be Escorted Off the Plane."

In a little more than a week, I'll be taking this:

Onto one of these:

To go here:

David's brother is getting married in Minneapolis, and he is a groomsman and is also singing in the wedding. This will be Dawson's first trip to meet his daddy's side of the family, and obviously will be his first time on a plane. It will be my first time flying with anyone under three feet tall.

Which brings me to my question for you - have you ever flown with a small child? Are there super-duper-secret tips to making it enjoyable and less like a root canal? Will we be escorted off the plane and dropped off somewhere awful like Nowhere, Iowa if the D-Word gets more than a little fussy?

I have a plan for things to do to keep him occupied during the two-hour flight, but you never know if those things will actually work. My last resort is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the portable DVD player.

Any advice or tips would be most appreciated.

If I don't get any, I might be blogging from Iowa next week and y'all, that will not make mama happy.



Laura said...

D-man is so cute in his hat! I can't imagine riding with such a little one on the plane. Alise just had her first plane ride a month ago and yes, the portable DVD player was a God-send. Her ears kinda bothered her toward the end of the flight even though she was chewing gum. You might want to check with your pediatrician. He may say it's okay to give Benadryl so he can sleep for most of the flight.

Whitney said...

Well, I'm not much of a help because I HATE flying and avoid it at all costs AND I don't have any children. But, I think that bringing snacks, the portable DVD and like Laura said, Benadryl might be the ticket.

zentmrs said...

I flew with The Boy when he had just turned three. We flew from San Diego to Minneapolis at Christmastime. The key for us was keeping him (and his sister, then 6) entertained. They both had portable DVD players which helped A LOT. The poor little guy caught a cold while we were in MN so he had Benedryl for the way back (which also made the return trip very easy). Good luck and enjoy your trip!!

Meagan said...

I love the pic of D-word in his had!

I also love that the consensus on your comments seems to be to drug your child!!! LOL... crackin' me up... and voting for that option as well!

Meagan said...

Or... another option would be to drug yourself! Now THERE's an idea! And then David can worry about D-word while you are blissfully oblivious to anything going on around you! LOL

Michelle said...

Have never done that and you know I hate to fly, but I had to comment on Dman's picture!
LOL...Now that is some photography.
p.s. I took that everyone while he visited his Aunt Michelle yesterday. I got a new camera and had to play with it. Ha ha

Justin and Jessica said...

Hey! I was born and raised in Iowa ... lived there until I was 22! :) :)

I'm sure your flight will go well! I don't really have any tips for you since I have never flown with a child.

Enjoy the twin cities ... I lived close to them for 2 1/2 years.

Shana said...

Good Luck on your trip!! I have no tips at his point, but will pray for you!

Rach said...

Hey girl! I have only flown with one of my kiddos. AC who is his age or a few months older. Keep them occupied is the key. DVD player sounds awesome. Big thing is to make sure you have something for him to suck {pacifier or thumb} if none of those then to chew. Point is you wanna make sure those ears don't start hurting---BAD NEWS!!! AC took a pacifier back then so that was our savior. Good luck and have fun!!

Rosie said...

We took Claire to SanAntonio when she was one. It was fine. So many faces to look at and smile back at her. Then, last Christmas when M was 9 months old and C was 2 1/2 we went back to San Antonio. The DVD player was a life saver this time. Claire watched a lot of Elmo. We had earphones that helped out a lot. It was great, though. No screaming at all. Most people were very helpful and understanding, actually. I bet your little man is going to make a lot of new friends...he's so happy and outgoing. Hope yall have a safe flight. And have fun at the wedding. I didn't know David sang?!?!?
ps on the has the reverse effect on Claire and it makes her hyper. Just FYI. Watch out.

Rosie said...

Oh yeah, lots of snacks and drinks. And toys that he hasn't ever seen.

Lindsay said...

Oh yes....I've flown with TWO under age TWO! Not to mention we had to spend the night in the Dallas airport, too! DVD's are PRICELESS. And so are binkis (or something to keep their ears clear). Snacks snacks snacks. Some new toy/book or new movie - always works, too. Snacks and movies I guess are the answers. I don't like to give them too much of either, but when it comes to not interrupting people around us - I'll do it. Good luck - and have fun!! It's BEAUTIFUL up here right now!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Thank you again for bringing us dinner and for the time we shared with our little ones :)!

I love that pic of D-word in the hat...looks like a golfer :)!

I will be praying for your adventure to Minneapolis and can't wait to hear all about it. I am sure Dawson will do GREAT on the plane :)!

Amanda said...

I was going to say benadryl, however after reading the rest of the comments, I vote ambien and liquor for mama! :-) I'm with Meagan! Let David worry about it and you just blissfully wonder around! :-)