Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Zoey!

My niece turns one is hard to believe that The Zohan has been here for one whole year! She has had quite the little life in just 12 months...she's already lived in two cities, welcomed her daddy home from Afghanistan and schooled her cousin in the arts of fake crying and eye-gouging. Zoey is now walking, too - it's hilarious to finally see she and Dawson upright, giving hugs and kisses to each other.
It is incredible to me how even when babies are just a few minutes old, they already have - and show - their own unique personalities. I don't think you have to guess what she would have said here if she could've talked.
Holding Zoey one year ago...
...and holding her at her party on Saturday. This picture was taken right after I told her there was a strawberry cake and presents just for her.
Her Auntie Lauren got her a Disney Princess-themed gift...a princess blanket and cup...even princess fruit snacks and Spaghetti-Os. Did you know they make princess Spaghetti-Os?! Hilarious! Zoey had no trouble digging into her gifts.
While she was creating a tissue-paper disaster area, Dawson used some of the streamers to do his best Karate Kid impression. Wax on, wax off, baby.
Zoey's cake...she LOVES the strawberry cake my mom makes, and so she had to have one of her own.
I think she liked it. :) After eating all the yummy food that Krystal prepared and porking down cake, we just chilled....some of us even took naps...except for the smallest party animals:

Dawson: "I can so knock this bad boy down if you can just create a diversion."
Zoey: "Word. I'll just pretend to fall. Or - wait - I'll start talking or something."
Dawson: "Word. While you do that, I'll knock it down and break through. As soon as they've stopped freaking, you can sneak in after me."
Zoey: "Word."
Dawson: "Zoey?"
Zoey: "Yeah?"
Dawson: "Happy Birthday, yo. You're the best cousin ever."
Zoey: "Thanks. So are you. I'm going to go fake cry now so we can bust up out of this joint."



Whitney said...

What a sweet girl!

T Sharee said...

Love it!!!!

zentmrs said...

Those two little angels are so cute!

Shana said...

She is so cute... I think it is hilarious that you call her "zohan"!

Meagan said...

SOOOOO sweet! She is so cute and I have a feeling she's going to be a pistol! ;-)

Megan L Hutchings said...


The time has surely flown by and she is so precious :)!

Leigh Ann said...

That last part made me laugh! ha ha ha ha! That cake looks yummy. Tell your mom to feel free to send one right over! =) Can't believe she is already one. Time goes TOO fast!

BLC :o said...

Oh how cute is she!??? Xoxo-BLC

Lauren Kelly said...

HAHA!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! And the commentary!!!

The pics are adorable!

Cris said...

Happy Birthday Zoey! She's so adorable while she eats her cake. I also love strawberry cakes, really yummy.. I hope Zoey had a great time in her party.