Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day...Out

My second Mother's Day was great...we spent Saturday just chillin' with my family at our house. Dawson got me a sweet card and a massage and lots of kisses.

This week also saw me watching my baby growing ever so quickly into a little boy. On Tuesday, I registered him for Mother's Day Out. It will begin this fall and he'll go two days a week. He was anxious to get down and play with the little girls (who were about 3 years older than him, I might add), so I don't think he'll miss me too much when I drop him off.

Dawson loves other babies and even playing with kids that are older than him, so I'm glad our church offers this ministry for little ambassadors like him. I'm thinking that he could teach the other kiddies about the latest in toddler hairstyles...

And also about multi-tasking...that's a bottle AND a cup.

Ah, the life of a sixteen-month-old!

By the way, every day is Mother's Day to me. :)



Lauren Kelly said...

Awwww, so sweet!!! Your lil' man is growing up. He's precious!!! So glad your mother's day was great!!! :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

Thank you again for the sweet card you sent me :)! It still blows my mind that we are mothers...what a blessing.

I know that it will be an adjustment for Dawson to be at MDO for a couple of days, but he will do fabulously. He is such a sweet boy and he will show those girlies a thing or two!!!

Even though his bottle is in a cup, it is one step closer to the sippy cup. Go Dawson!

Sarah said...

Dawson is the cutest! I love the cup and bottle combo. That's creative!

Meagan said...

That last picture is great! LOL. I am so glad you are taking him to Mom's day out! That will be great for both you and him!!!! :-)

Hope you're WONDERFUL today! ;-) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin and Jessica said...

He is such a cutie!

Leigh Ann said...

Oh, I am struggling with putting Ella Grace in MDO. I know she is my last so I'm holding on to her. I know she needs to go though. It would be so good for her and she is SO ready. Maybe you just inspired me! I know D will be the most popular kid in school. :)

Duane said...

And this is what makes you a great mother! He is getting so big and everyday is an adventure! Hope things are going great!