Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Does Anyone Have a Canoe I Can Borrow?

Because apparently, Middle Tennessee has a rainy season.

And apparently, it's now.

I think today is the sixth straight day of rain. I'm not sure - I stopped counting after the third day. Because really, who needs three straight days of rain?

Because of the monsoon, our weekend was very low-key and spent inside for the most part.

On Friday night, we took D-Man to Aunt Sophia's while we went (in the rain) to dinner at Carabba's.

We ran into a former client at the restaurant and he bought us appetizers - wasn't that nice? I love random acts of kindness. After dinner, we headed back to pick up The Child who, I'm told, had a marvelous time with Aunt 'Phia changing channels with the remote and hiding in a tent made of sheets and barstools.
My anniversary prezis. The way to my heart is through a Mouse, by the way.:)
The rest of the weekend was spent playing and cleaning...two things that Dawson gets very excited about!
The boy is strong...
...and is also a cleaning fool! (He gets that from his dad.) (I am so kidding.)
This? Is our real-life Diaper Genie.

Have a great day!



Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, girl, come to Florida. It's definitely been living up to it's name, the sunshine state. It's been beautiful and we haven't gotten rain in forever and we actually need it pretty bad. LOVED the pics :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

You look absolutely amazing in that picture :)!!!

Perhaps Vance and D-Word can start a cleaning business together :)!

Amanda said...

Ok, just like I asked you in my text, do I need to come rescue my favorite little boy from child slavery? Just kidding, but I'll be watching you and Megan! Just kidding! Love you girls! :-)

ariel said...

You have a handsome little helper Lauren! Lucky girl! :) Really good pic of you and hubs too! You look great!

Allyson said...

So I'm going to do a spoof off of Jeff Foxworthy...

"You might be a new Mom if when you see a picture of a cute kid with a bag of diapers, your first thought is, 'That's the inside of a value box of diapers. I wonder how much money she saved!'"

Honestly, that was my thought process. :) I just discovered those bad boys and they're AWESOME! :)

Meagan said...

No kidding on the rain, gee!

I am SO loving that D-word got your love of a clean house! lol. Too sweet!!