Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dude, Seriously?

Dear People,

If someone could please come up with ways to fix the following, yours truly would be thrilled.

1) The makers of Gerber Single Grain Rice Cereal: Could you please figure out a way to make the spout on your box actually work? Something tells me that when you pour the cereal out into a bowl, two more cups of cereal should not come out when you try to shut the spout.

2) The marketing department for OrangeGlow products: You know, I would be way more interested in buying your smelly-good cleaners if I didn't lose my hearing when your spokesman opens his mouth. Perhaps you should pay to have his hearing tested. Just a suggestion.

3) Logistics Department at Hobby Lobby: Do you exist? I'm starting to wonder. Do you realize you provide the smallest buggies on the face of the earth for people to buy grandfather clocks, furniture and 18x24 gallery frames?

4) The morons who ran out of gas on Manson Pike last night: Hazard lights. Use them.

5) The moron who almost hit me trying to get out of the lane blocked by gasless morons: Blinker. USE IT.

Thanks so much in advance for a quick resolution,




Amanda said...

from someone who can PACK two buggies at Hobby Lobby, I couldn't agree with you more!

Michelle said...

That is soooooo FUNNY!
I can see you now pondering all of these ideas and questions.

Kinda like your rednecks at OUR Target'.

Sorry I couldn't hook up with you today. I hate I missed a change to cuddle on my buddy. I miss that little thing.

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I totally agree about the hobby lobby thing...what are they thinking?!

Laura said...

Sounds like a "southern style hissy fit" to me! I like it!

Megan L Hutchings said...

This is just hilarious ;)! You know I agree 100% with the Hobby Lobby issue!

Leigh Ann said...

I was JUST thinking the same thing about the Orange Glo guys. What's the deal? Thanks for making me laugh, as always!

Rachel Wheat said...

I have that same issue with the carts at Hobby Lobby! How am I supposed to fit a 16 in cake base plate for a wedding cake in a cart the size of those Playschool ones?!?!?!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness - you're hilarious. And funny thing is that I know EXACTLY what you mean about the Gerber cereal boxes! Annoying as all get-out.