Sunday, March 30, 2008

Little Girls Need Big Prayers

Jeff, Leatha, Eli, Easton, Bailey and Brooke Eaves
Bailey McKenna and Brooke McKenzie
I am so blessed to come from such a large family, and here are two of its tiniest members! Bailey McKenna and Brooke McKenzie Eaves were born on November 28th, 2007, and have overcome some big obstacles! They are finally at home with their parents and big brothers, but still have a lot of growing and healing to do. I know that Jeff and Leatha (my uncle and aunt) would appreciate your prayers as they provide and care for these little girls!


Meag said...

YAY! You have a blog! Moo has inspired us all! This afternoon I had lunch with her and Web and told her you were going to do a blog! I am going to go right now and put a link to your blog on my page! Love it, love it, love it! Kiss little man for me and tell Jeff and Leatha they're in my prayers next time you talk to them! Much love!

TMFletch said...

Hey, Y'all, I'm so glad you have a blog for all of those wonderful pictures of Dawson! I love the "sleep deprived" picture of Daddy and Mommy!

Keep 'em coming!
You are in our prayers as well...hugs! Steve and Terri