Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dawson!

Dear Dawson,

You turned TWO YEARS OLD on Saturday!!

I cannot believe you are already two...that you've been here for 24 months already.

Two years ago, when I saw you for the first time, you looked like this:

And then last year, at your very first birthday, you looked like this:

You are an amazing little boy.
We celebrated your second birthday with Gran, Papa, Uncle Brandon, Uncle Jason, Aunt Krystal, Zoey and G-Pa the Great. They came to our house to eat cake and ice cream. You had a great time laughing and playing and opening gifts and eating these:

Mickey ear cupcakes! We also had make-your-own-ice-cream-sundaes.

We love you so much, little buddy...

"Happy Birthday, dear Dawson..."


Blowing out the candle...

You were much too busy eating the chocolate icing to hold up two fingers...

...but not too busy to open gifts. You got two puzzles and "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" from Aunt Megan, Uncle Web, Vance and Jack; a bubble mower and a dump truck from Zoey; a little town rug, cars and trucks and building blocks from Gran and Papa; a work bench from Uncle Brandon...

...and quite possibly the most awesome gift of all - your very own cowboy hat from G-Pa the Great!

We got you your very own vacuum cleaner since it's your most favorite thing in the world to do, and you wouldn't put it down, not even to get in your Fire and Rescue Car that we also got you.

Zoey intervened.

She also thoroughly enjoyed the cake. :)

Sweet boy, after the party, the sugar, the excitement, what did you want to do...even right before you went to bed??


Best $14.00 I ever spent.

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Dawson! I love you so much!



Michelle said...

Looks like Dawson had a great birthday. I have thought about getting Austin a vac. for him to use but I think it would be too awesome if they made them for the little guys that actually worked. They could have fun playing while actually cleaning at the same time.

Megan L Hutchings said...

I cannot believe it either! He has grown so much and he is just a ray of sunshine.

You know that I just adore his affection for the Dirt Devil!!!

Meagan said...

Priceless! lol!!!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to beleive that it was Two... TWO.... years ago!!! How times flies, huh?

Love the Vaccum too! Lily has one.. loves it! ;-)

Love you, Love Dawson, ...wait.... I love your whole family, lol!

Leigh Ann said...

Awww. Happy Birthday, handsome Dawson! He's going to make a great husband one day with those vacuuming skills! His wife will thank you for that $14 you spent. =)

Lauren Kelly said...

Aww, looks like such a sweet birthday party!!! So glad he had a wonderful birthday!! :) Love you!

rosie said...

Is he two already!!! I love the picture of him in the cowboy hat. The first one when he is looking down. It's awesome. We have the same vacuum. Claire and Michael LOVE it. Especially when I'm using my little red one on the hardwood, Michael always yells for "Michael's Vacuum" , runs and gets it and helps out. Happy Birthday Dawson!

Wayne, Naomi, Sydney and Elijah said...

a little late, but i gotta say happy birthday to my lil' cuzin.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

love your big cousin,