Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Boy After My Own Heart

One of the things I love about Dawson's teacher, Mrs. Carmen, is that she sends home progress reports after each day at Mom's Day Out.

There are places on the sheet for status reports about diapers, whether or not he ate lunch (duh), whether or not he napped (nope!), his mood (ecstatic), supplies he needs and a place for comments.

This is what was on today's progress report.

It pertains to food.


"Dawson LOVES Cajun Crab dip from Publix (I shared :))."

Apparently, being the overacheiver that he is, Dawson has moved from pilfering his classmates' lunchboxes to sampling the finer things from his teacher's.

At least he went for the seafood instead of the Cheetos.



Lauren Kelly said...

HAHA!!!! Love it :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

Hilarious! Sounds like we have a fine diner on our hands :).

I hope today is a little less crazy than yesterday and that life slows down a bit.

Meagan said...

So. Funny.

He's quite a character... and the boy likes to eat! Always has! LOL!!!

Leigh Ann said...

Love it!

LeeLee and B said...

SO.HILARIOUS! You have one funny little boy!