Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Was in Labor 13 Hours for This?

It's about to get real honest up in here.

My son - my precious, wonderful, happy, laid-back 19-month-old son - is turning into a hellian.

Help. Me.

Over the past, oh, I don't know - two weeks or so - some little monster comes and kidnaps my son, hides him in a closet somewhere, and tries to pass himself off as the sweet little munchkin I delivered.

Exhibit A:

And B:

It was dry-erase marker. And no, I did not give him the marker like a moron. To this day I cannot figure out how he got it.

However? In my house? What he destroys - he repairs.

I am told the next 8 to 12 months of my life are going to continue to get even more, um, interesting.

That's if I live that long.



Michelle said...

OMG... that is the funniest pictures of him cleaning up his own mess. And yes, as I told you the next year or so will be very "trying" on your nerves.
1. Have a bottle of wine handy
2. Enjoy his nap times.
3. Don't scream to much.
4. Take a deep breath.
5. Just be glad at this moment you didn't have twins.


Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my word, I couldn't help but laugh at this girl :)

But at least he cleaned up after himself, haha!!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

this post made me LOL!! you're hilarious girl!

Allyson said...

Good for you!! That's exactly what you should have had him do (according to the Kindergarten teacher-ha!). And, can I just say, 13 hours of labor!?!? How about 26!! :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

I will have to ditto everything Michelle said :)! I always tell Web that even when Vance is testing our patience that we must enjoy and remember this age too. However, sometimes they do things that make you wonder...LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is too great! I am loving that post and loving that you made him clean up his own mess... that is my kind of Mommy! haha, but yes... it shoule get even more interesting. Love you!

Whitney said...

Oh no! He is still the cutest thing!

Leigh Ann said...

Oh, yeah, it will get worse before it gets better. At least maybe he won't be into lip gloss like EG. That stuff is impossible to get out of fabric! LOL!