Monday, March 16, 2009

Walk a Mile in His Shoes

This? Is a rare sight in our house.

Dawson does not sit down at all - he is usually walking around, nearly running, from one thing to the next. He found his bouncy seat this weekend, though (I leave it out for Zoey to use), and it instantly became the Lay-Z-Boy of Toddlerdom. All he needs is a remote and a frosty cold one.

If he could, he would wear his daddy's shoes when he's walking. He is totally mesmerized by them and loves to wear them. He does need a little help putting them on, though.

It's hard to imagine that one day, his little feet will probably be just as big as these shoes.
And of course, I have to include pictures of our family beauty. Look at those eyelashes! I don't think she'll be needing mascara anytime soon. By the way, I found this headband at Target for a dollar! If you have a little girl, Target has really cute stuff for Easter out right now.

Jason will be home from Afghanistan in the next few weeks and we CANNOT WAIT. I can't wait for him to see how much Zoey has grown! Please pray for him and his fellow soldiers as they begin their journey home and start adjusting to being civilians again.

Hope your weekend was great!



michelle said...

i love the lazy boy picture :) he is getting so big!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

LOL! This reminds me of the picture of Vance sitting in Dawson's chair. Boys will be boys...even as toddlers. I loved the video from last night.

I can't believe Jason will be home in a few weeks. How EXCITING!

Whitney said...

Precious! I love Target - oh my word!

Rachel Wheat said...

Noah used to love Gentry's shoes, too! He would put them on, take about one step, and then-FLOP!-- eat it--right on the face! But he'd get right back up and try again. Now he can put on his own shoes, sniff, baby's all grown up!

Leigh Ann said...

D cracks me up. What a life I tell you! He and Z are just so beautiful. How do you keep from eating them up?

Michelle said...

Dawson looks just like David in those pictures. And that Zoey has the pretties eyes... well so does D'man!

So glad your brother is coming home soon! YIPPEE

Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, how much cuter can they get. Can I come baby-sit???? haha!!!!!

Meagan said...

As always, I love your pictures. My favorite is D-word in his "recliner" LOL! You remember when Vance did the same thing? How funny! I can't wait for Jason to be home too and to see pictures of him WITH his baby girl! Always praying for him and his safety! :-)